Life is testing us every day, forcing us to make a choice, and every time we make a choice, we are closer to our true ourselves.

“Seven Tests of Millionaires”

It is to tell the story of a continuous decision of life, firm belief, exploring and grasping the true meaning of the fate of its own.

Sabna’s family has been repeatedly changed. As she has no way, the super -rich Egelia came to her and proposed a dizzy contract. As long as Sabna completed seven tests, she could manage a value of 100 A $ 100 million business empire. Sabna was forced by life and accepted the proposal of Egaria. Since then, she has embarked on a bizarre and dangerous adventure. It did not show the truth until the last moment, and it was not accidental.


Vicas Swaru

Pu’s “Millionaires of the Sopia” exceeded more than 10 million copies worldwide, and there were countless awards in the same name, including the 2009 Oscar Best Film Award and the Best Director Award, dozens of international awards. The “Seven Tests of Millionaires” in this book is the sister’s article of “Millionaires of the Salian”. Once launched, it has become popular all over the world and has won the 44th Novel’s best -selling list. Hollywood and Bollywood are fighting for movie copyright. Throughout the book, the idea is tight, the plot is twisted, the plot is bizarre, the silk is buckled, and the suspense is born. It can be said that it is a perfect suspense novel.

First test

: The love of the Presbyterian Council. The tribe Presbyterian club is a symbol of the feudal tribe system. The girl Babul is deeply in the poison of the Presbyterian System of the Ministry of Family, and is forced to separate from her lover. When she is in pain, Sabna insists on competing with unfairness, planning and helping Babuli Babuli Get back love.

Second test

: Diamond and dust. Super Star Bulia Garboer lost his diamond ring during a event. This value of this valuable city was picked up by Sabna. In this test, the money seemed to be insignificant in front of morality. With the loss, Sabna faced herself clearly, decisively, and honestly after a moment of struggle.


The third test


: Dream of being locked. The black -handed party leader Anis Mirz opened an illegal lock factory to abuse and squeeze children’s workers. Sabna came forward for the child and held up the threat of the black hand head. It can only be described as brave.

The fourth test

: The cost of becoming famous overnight. Sabna’s sister Nihe has a good face and extraordinary voice, eager to become famous overnight. However, in the participation of the Super Star Contest, she was infringed and insulted by the mentor Raj. Lajibai would damage countless women with the same means. Sabna formulated and implemented a plan to see the true face of Rajita, so that Rajita’s Being punished due to due.

Fifth test


: Atlas Revolution. Atlas Investment Company launched a hunger strike in order to resist the corruption to force the government to force the government to take action in order to resist corruption. A shocking plan caused a stir, making Nilmara, who was unpredictable, became a leader -like figure who resisted corruption in one fell swoop.

Sixth test

: 150 grams of test. The mother needs to change the kidneys, and the provider of the kidney source is Sabna and her sister Nihe, as well as the underground kidney trading market. After witnessing the ugly, experience and ethical struggle between the underground black transactions, Sabna resolutely donated her kidney to her mother. After waking up in his own operation, he found himself intact.

Seventh test

: Sour rain. It was the ultimate test. My sister Nihe was disfigured by sulfuric acid, Egaryia was killed and all evidence pointed to Sabna, Sabna was arrested, escaped, hiding around, and finally her dead sister Elga The staggering secrets were found in the relics.

The book also reveals the current status of India in the wonderful story of the story, and criticizes the closure of the cruel tribal culture, the power of abuse, the wanton corruption, the gap between the rich and the poor, the black transactions of squeezing children’s workers and human organs, etc. With reflection, it shows the lives of all strata in India in an all -round way. Let us see that not all the poor are angels, and not all rich people are villains.


The super test of 10 billion US dollars is actually a causal cycle behind the miracle. Seven tests, seven stories, aimed at examining whether Sabna had the quality of the CEO, such as leadership, upright, courage, vision, resource integration ability and decision -making. In the face of these tests, every choice faced by the heroine is returning to the inner choice in the face of these tests. He also found a true self in these tests of human nature. Because for the real conscience, the shortcut does not exist, and there is only one way to reach the heart.

Book name: “Seven Tests of Millionaires”

Author: [India] Vacas Swarup’s translation of Yu Haisheng

Publishing Agency: Chongqing Press


Producer: Huazhang Tongren

Publishing time: May 2021

Class: Film Literature Museum Series


“Seven Tests of Millionaires”


Vicas Swaru