We can often see gusset ceilings, especially in some rural bathrooms, which are even more common. Common ceiling materials include aluminum gusset and plastic gusset, so which one is more suitable for our choice as a home improvement ceiling?

Plastic pins


Plastic gussets are commonly called PVC gussets. It is light, low in quality, low cost, and simple installation. Therefore, rural people often use it in the use of kitchen and toilet, and do not require too much load.

The disadvantages of plastic gussets are not to be ignored. Its physical properties are unstable, and it is easy to deform even without external material influence; and it is aging fast and has a short life. If it is used in a place like a kitchen toilet, it is easy to dip the traces of oil and water vapor on the top. It is difficult to clean up and affect the aesthetics.

In addition, we all know that plastic has poor environmental protection and high temperature. Under the impact of water vapor in the bathroom for a long time, plastic can easily volatilize harmful gases to affect our health. Therefore, when choosing a plastic gusset, you must pay attention to the quality of quality.


Aluminum gusset

The aluminum gusset is a very good ceiling material. It is colorless and tasteless, and has strong corrosion resistance. In addition, aluminum gussets can resist ultraviolet rays, anti -humidity and oil fume, which is the best choice for the kitchen toilet ceiling.

In fact, most friends give up plastic gusset to choose an aluminum gusset board is that it is relatively grade. No one wants to reduce the taste of the plastic ceiling at home.

The aluminum gusset is thicker than plastic gusset, but it is also very convenient for transportation and installation.

In summary, Xiaobian suggested that friends who do glory ceiling at home can choose aluminum gusset. If you have to choose plastic gusset board, pay attention to the quality of the plastic material when purchasing. Healthy body.

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