Do you know what is the general wireless router password? The login passwords of the currently available wireless router on the current market are Admin, Guest, or empty, etc. Among them, the ADmin password is the most default password. If you don’t know your wireless router password, you can try it when you don’t know your wireless router password. Enter admin.

Tenda, TP-Link, Mercury, and other wireless wireless routers, log in to the login password are: admin.

However, the NETCORE brand’s wireless router, the default login password when leaving the factory is Guest.

There is also the D-Link brand’s wireless router. The initial login password was “empty” when leaving the factory, that is, without the login password, you can directly enter the setting interface.

The above list of several brands of wireless routers shows what the initial password of the wireless router is. If your wireless router is not the above brands, you can also check the default login password when the wireless router leaves the factory by viewing the bottom label of the router. As shown below:

无线路由器默认密码都是什么 你要知道

The login password of the average wireless router mentioned earlier, so what is the wireless Wireless WiFi password? Almost all wireless routers will use the wireless WIFI function by default when they leave the factory, and they are not encrypted, that is, the wireless router does not have the WiFi password by default when the factory is out of the factory. Users can directly connect to the Internet with mobile phones and laptops, so many many Users can use mobile phones to set up wireless routers.

Of course, after setting the wireless router to access the Internet, general users will set a password for wireless WIFI. At this time, if the user needs to connect the wireless WiFi on the router, you must enter the correct password.