Noah’s Tongnan City Cenford Kindergarten Class Sini -the project learning journey of the waterproof conjunction of the Water Wars

Active fate

Interest caused by playing water at one time

In the process of outdoor water area activities, Xiao Xuan and Shuai Shuai wet their clothes, so the children started discussions after the event:

“I must have noticed it when I poured water into the water pipe.”


“Don’t you play this next time?”

“I think this is very interesting, how can I not get the water on my body when playing?”


The children’s discussion, everyone has their own ideas for the proposal of this issue.

“We can wear another raincoat after wearing raindrops!”


“Yes, yes, so we won’t get our body.”

So we put on the raincoat during the second event. During the event, Yuanyuan’s pants were still wet. Yuanyuan’s emergencies have caused children to fall into thought again. Why do they wet wet when wearing raincoats and raincoers?




“Waterproof on the body and feet is blocked, there is no pants, so the pants are wet.”


“We wear a long raincoat to the position of the shoes.”

“My raincoat is so long, my pants are not wet, but it is not convenient when I play with water.”

“We put a long foot cover, which can reach the position of the legs.”

“Then we have to wear a lot of things, and the time to play with water has become less.”

“We can play with a swimsuit!”


“The weather is cold, you can’t wear a bathing suit, and the swimsuit is not waterproof.”


“We need a clothes that are wrapped in all from our body to legs, and we need waterproof.” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “”

“Then you need a piece of jacket. That is, the clothes and pants are connected together, and I have a piece of jacket!”


“Let’s make a waterproof jacket to play with water!”


The idea of ​​making a conjoined waterproof jacket was caused by the trouble of playing with water, and the interest in exploring new things was also ignited.

Experience: The value of link game experience


The proposal of the waterproof coat is the child’s thinking about problems, problems, discussions, overthrow results, repeated discussions, and conclusions. Why do the children think of making even physical clothes?

Game experience link


The experience of children’s games is rich enough, which is quite clear about the focus of waterproof, and a certain understanding of the concept of jackets.

Life experience support


Ninety percent of children’s families in the class are associated with clothing. How to make clothing has room for understanding.



Interest enthusiasm for children’s interests and inquiry

The source of interests may be suddenly suddenly. When we are interested in something or a certain activity, we will devote it. Everyone will actively explore things that they are interested in. When children find things that are interested, he will actively actively. Investment. Children have a positive inquiry spirit. Teachers should give support to help children advance the problems of the problem and enable children to obtain experience accumulation while promoting children to grow better.






Grassing concept and professional leadership


“Outline” pointed out: “Teachers must be good at discovering things that children are interested in, games and occasional incidents, grasping the opportunity, and actively guiding.” Making clothing is not easy for children, but the inquiry process is the inquiry process The harvest must be unexpected.

Based on this idea, the children have experienced experience and inquiry direction. Based on such a starting point, the trend is to promote the growth point of the children’s experience, and to fully encourage the children to carry out project -based learning.

Project activity content and implementation process

Materials first: waterproof fabric search

Explore the type of waterproof fabric

What are the waterproof fabrics? Among the children’s existing experience, there are many waterproof materials: glass, steel, rubber … but for materials that can make clothes, the children only know that the cloth of the raincoat is waterproof.


Finding waterproof materials for clothing is the first focus of children. We first look for various fabrics from the class for waterproof testing: satin, rags, scarves, towels, aprons. The test method is to pour water on these fabrics, and the water is waterproof without penetrating the fabric.

Follow interest -three steps for the clothing process

Trilogy of clothing: progressive practice exploration

We have different ways to make clothes in different ways. During the production process, the children have repeatedly bumped into the wall, but they are still unremitting. There are problems to solve the problem and go to deep learning in layers of progressive exploration.

The first make a conjoined suit

Find the best way to make clothes and make a solid way for clothes to make clothes

Children discuss how to make clothes. In order to save fabrics, we use newspapers to conduct inquiry. Xiao Xuan first thought of a way. According to Xiao Xuan’s catwalk experience, she stitched the newspaper out of a large area, and then invited her partner to help. Form the “tube top” long skirt, and finally stick it with tape.


Everyone disagreed with Xiaoxuan’s way. Summarizing the existing problems is that no clothes on the shoulders can easily cause clothes to fall, long skirt styles and long raincoats are very different.


Try clothes


Zheng Zheng decided to design and transform Xiaoxuan’s large -scale paper. He invited a child to lie on the newspaper, then draw the child’s body outline with a Mark pen, and then cut it off and pasted it on the child’s body and thought it was completed.


“The clothes have the front and back, only one side is not clothes.”

“Then I can do it again, and fighting these two sides is a piece of clothes.”

Everyone agreed to Zheng Zheng’s approach, so Zheng Zheng asked the children to lie down again, drew the outline and cut off with a wide tape for paste. When pasteting, it was found that some of the places were asymmetric. Paste it. Everyone began to discuss the cause of the problem: the two pieces of paper cut from the two lying styles were different due to the different shapes of the two. How to solve it?

“We can put the piece of paper cut on the newspaper, just cut one piece.”


The second production conjoined clothes

Try to make clothes together in groups and explore the different characteristics of materials

Based on Zheng Zheng’s “outline” clothing method, the children made a second production. This production uses waterproof materials and nylon paper. The children are divided into two groups, and their companions lying on the fabrics for outline painting, and then cut them.

Production site

The color bar group was smooth. When the nylon paper group was cut, it was found that it was very difficult to cut. The toughness of the nylon paper was relatively high, and the children were more difficult to cut. Everyone is busy painting, clingling, and finally using wide tape to seal.

After the edge is completed, the dressing experiment was performed: At the beginning, the problem was encountered. The children who were not able to wear them around the children immediately reacted to cut it in front of them to make it easier for people to wear them. Immediately afterwards, the clothes of the nylon paper group could not be worn at all, so the designer Zheng Zheng cut it out wherever he could not be worn while wearing the model. Finally, the clothes were out of touch and failed. The part of the colored cloth group can not be worn in part of the legs, and the body is relatively loose and not successful.

The children recalled the problems encountered: because the toughness of nylon paper is relatively high, it is not easy to cut, so when the two pieces are different, there are problems when they are pasted. Color cloth and nylon paper have a common problem: the clothes made are too small. How to solve the problem of too small clothes? The children continue to explore.


Third production conjoined suit


Break through the problem of clothing one by one and show the connective waterproof ability

The third production of conjoined clothes, because the nylon paper materials are difficult to use, the children decided to use color strips for design and production.


This time I tried to use raincoats wider than humans for “illustration of gourds” mode. In order to prevent the clothes from being too small, everyone deliberately enlarged the distance when drawing.


After clipping, although a waterproof coat is relatively large, it was successfully tried. The front dressing position was pasted with a wide tape after the model was put on.

The success of a piece of clothing has caused the children’s cheers, so how about waterproof performance? Everyone conducts waterproof testing together: Put the water into the conjoined clothes, the model is not wet, but after a while, some children found that the wide tape opened in the place where there was clothes. Some children said: “The wide tape does not stick to the water when it encounters water.”


The success of the clothes aroused the enthusiasm of the children. During this dressing process, the children found that although the clothes were large, but the flexibility and practicality were the same. The wide tape was adhesive, but the water would change. The children agreed that the clothes should be sewed.


So we sutured with the help of parent resources. The children cut a few more clothes and decided to ask Zheng Zheng to help sew. But how does the opening be fixed? Xiao Xuan said: “We can use the kinds of things that can be torn off on the shoes that can be torn off, and the teacher has it.”

Multi -time -playing: Happy time to enjoy fun

The clothes were successfully made, and the children were worn in the water area in the water area wearing their own cuts, and experienced the joy of success.

Happy Playing Water

Anti -thinking and sharing

Seeing children’s interest, let children lead the course

Let children’s interests promote the development of activities

In this project activity, children have gone through the process of learning step by step. From the discovery of the children, to observing that watering water will wet clothes, think about solving problems, explore waterproof materials, and eventually make waterproof jackets. Children’s activities help children to explore on the basis of interest. This is a process of moving brain and hands. Make the event based on the interest of children.

Let the inquiry of children’s explore promotion activities deepen


In the process of exploring, we have always encountered problems. We give patience and waiting, let go to present the great wisdom of children, and allow them to improve the ability to solve problems from group discussions, collective discussions, and hands -on operations.


Support the interest of children, so that children can develop

Interest is the best teacher to learn from children. We take the current interest of children as an important source of generating courses. In the generation of activities, we must respect the interest of young children, and teachers must also give enough support. Analyze the existing level of children, build the original knowledge network of children, and help children accumulate more and updated knowledge on this basis, and then push to another high point.


Teachers should fully trust the potential of children, provide children with various supportive educational environments and timely guidance in the event, so that children can learn and learn from elementary schools in an open environment.