Many doctors and professional therapists will suggest patients who come to consult. However, after practicing “Xiaoyan Fei”, many people found that low back pain has not improved, but it is getting heavier. What exactly is going on?

Baidu searched for “Xiaoyan Fei”, with about 700,000 results. The views of “Xiaoyanfei” are really different. Some people even think that “Xiaoyan Fei” is more and more hurt. Seeing this, it is estimated that everyone will be confused. Should we practice “Xiaoyanfei”?


“Xiaoyanfei” as a classic action of back muscles exercise, why is it questioned?

The answer is —- you practiced wrong!

The “Xiaoyan Fei” you practice is like this:


And the “Xiaoyanfei” that may be suitable for you should be like this:

The “little swallow” posture suitable for you is to lift your legs, and the back of the waist will not move during the action, that is, the “long contraction” that allows the waist and back muscles to make muscle fibers unchanged. It can be said that “Xiaoyanfei” that can’t be done is the best.

This is not to say that the “Xiaoyan Fei” on both ends is not good. On the contrary, the “Xiaoyan Fei” exercise on both ends is the best, but it is likely not to be suitable for you.

Why is this?


Let’s take a look at our spine first.

The spine is connected by many vertebrates and intervertebral discs with the help of muscles and ligaments. In normal times, the connection between vertebral body is closely and has a certain degree of activity. Like what body, no matter what kind of exercise of the spine does, the vertebral body, the vertebral body Maintain a stable and orderly state.


When the human body is standing, the vertebral and intervertebral discs bear about 80%of the weight, and the other 20%of the weight is transmitted by the intervertebral joints. Studies have shown that before the age of 30, the lumbar spine has begun to degenerate. First of all, the intervertebral disc is dehydrated, and the height becomes smaller, resulting in an increase in intervertebral joint load, increased activity range, stimulating local bone hyperplasia and degeneration, and may compress the local nerves. This is the so -called “spinal arthritis”, and some people’s low back pain is related to this.

It can be seen from the above figure that the support force decreases after the intervertebral discus degeneration. Due to the height of the intervertebral disc, the intervertebral joint is misplaced during the bearing weight, the classic “Xiaoyan Fei” is the two -ends. This murder further aggravated lumbar spine instability.

In addition, the movement of the “Xiaoyanfei” behind the lumbar spine leads to the closer of the spine of the vertebral body with unstable vertebral body, and the neighboring spiny crash friction causes the ligament damage to break and cause pain.

The degenerate spine, due to the degeneration of the intervertebral disc, becoming closer to the spiny process.

Young people and spinal stabilizer are elastic intervertebrate, and there is no problem with Xiaoyanfei. Maybe your lumbar spine is very good, and there is no special discomfort after doing the “Xiaoyan Fei” exercise. Of course, you can continue to practice.

But any exercise, especially for those who are older, are a medical problem.

From the perspective of a doctor, there are so many effective back muscles exercise methods, why do you have to choose “Xiaoyan Fei”?


Then the topic of “Xiaoyanfei”, today I talk to you about the problem of back pain and back muscles exercise.


Let’s take a look at the back muscles.

Back muscles: shallow latissimus muscles, middle layer erectoris muscles, deep multi -spiny muscles, polymeris muscles and other small muscles.


Back muscles are the general name of the back muscles. The most important thing is latissimus muscle, erector spine, semi -spiny muscle, polygonal muscle and polychidthyle. The human spine is equivalent to the bracket of a crane, and the back muscles are equivalent to the crane cable. The upper body maintains the upright posture of the back muscles. When the body is leaning forward, the lumbar back muscle load increases. Therefore, long -term sitting, the exploration of the body, the muscles of the waist and the back of the back continue to shrink, it is easy to cause strain and cause back pain.


Of course, there are many reasons for low back pain, such as intervertebral joints, lumbar disc herniation, lumbar spondylonal offseeing, nerve card pressure, etc., but the most common is muscle strain. The reason is that due to the decline in spine stability, the body’s compensation uses muscle contraction to stabilize the spine. Over time, the lumbar muscle will be excessively tight and damaged, and the symptoms of low back pain will occur. Because the human body cannot be accurately controlled by the back muscles-that is, it is difficult to control a certain muscle alone, and it is difficult to relax the spasm’s lumbar muscles, especially the deep small muscles. This is low back pain Reasons for repeated attacks, not easy to remove root.


Therefore, to exercise the back muscles and increase the strength of the back muscles, it not only helps stabilize the spine, relieves and treat low back pain, but also greatly reduces the incidence of lumbar muscle strain due to strong lumbar muscles.