2022 The top style of spring and summer fashion, leaving a good moment in Paris Fashion Week


Different in the past, Fashion Week has ended in Paris, and some people may say that we have left the best to the end; feel all the excellent shapes of the top series in the spring of 2022, from LV to Chanel, and between the two of them, and from the two of them. All fashion shows are particularly worth looking forward to.



There are sporty types, and they are similar to sports types, and they belong to the latter. With the rooting tone on the court, the brand has been playing with sports styles and production processes without any pressure. Essence


Alexander Da Kunmai

The girls are storm chasing. When Alexander McQonic Creative Director Sarah Burton describes her new series of emotions, this emotion reflects the crackling sound of returning to the world -this world is also extremely nervous Essence


③ Chanel


The swimsuit of the top reached its peak in Chanel. This season, the little Bikini I saw on many runways with the brand’s iconic pearl trimming skirt.

AZ factory


Albert Elbaz is a happy bomb. He believes in the power of beautiful power and the power of the favorite skirt -not just to some women, but to everyone

Louis Vuitton

Some glittering party dresses with interesting skirts seem to be protruding from the model’s body. If it is not so much now, it may be the future. There are denim cloth and Polka dots in the distinctive black and white palette, but do not distort it. This is not a serious thing, these are cheerful clothes



Miao Miao’s fashion legend has called a new star -Halle Bailey, Rowan Blanchard, Bella Poarch -and let them participate in a 50 -person master class to teach you how to know the trend.


Jenbatista Vali

Fashion, to a certain extent, it can be said that it is completely about shocking value. Outside the world of high fashion, sometimes fantasy, feminine, romantic or delicate is not enough, but it is obviously different.

Magira House


This season, he injected research on “Utopia Youth”, that is, the dream and reality of today’s youth. The public carnival, which is “vibrant because of possibilities,” brought other concepts of Galiano’s dreams to today: such as the latest ideas of the Magla Whites, the latest ideas of the deconstruction, and a series of compelling textures and texture and texture Accessories, from fishing net -shaped sequins to the new interpretation of fishermen’s wading boots and popular bucket caps.

Ah Chris


As the starting point of the spring of 2022, the skirt is spliced ​​on the pants, and the dress is stacked on the pants. At night, there is a layered suit jacket. It feels sexy when going out at night, but it is suitable for the office when returning to work.

Stella Macart


Stella McCartney encourages women to “redefine sexy through a soft and light feeling”, providing some dazzling new choices for the future world.

Ann De Mullest

A modern sense in pure tailoring, casual leather skirts and tight cotton dresses, which are dotted with some modifications and dynamic.




They were drawn by American artist Josh Smith. He called his nearest gallery as “emotional jungle” and transferred his iconic images one by one to Givenchy’s needle fabric.


Designer Bruno Slylli did all the correct things in his “Comic Book” series, repeatedly performing Volhol’s flowers, and made a dazzling bag with Judi Lieber.


Super large denim cloth, print from head to toe, and graphic accessories. This concept proves that in the fashion circle, it is indeed possible to make a fascinating and unforgettable design that transcended traditional runways or direct videos.




There are many luxurious leather short tops with silk printed shorts, thick base sandals with leather socks, echoing the designer’s modern interpretation of luxury minimalism, as well as casual pants with the right paper bag waist.

Baronian slave

In the fashion series, the playful jellyfish rolls must appear on electric blue and lime cocoon -shaped tops and Bermuda shorts. The richest replica and genres have conveyed this concept in the past ten years: these clothes are clothes that will love now or in the future. Essence


The fabric is distorted and flipped, the jacket is worn backwards and full of sequins. The sports pants are covered with a few yards of fabrics. The slim dress shows the prominent elements, which is extremely novel.



The designer’s mission is to inject a sustainable style into this legendary French brand, which means that the products, traceability and transparency requirements of independent craftsmen, low -impact materials, all of which appear in 2022 In the spring series.


Isabel Marthate

Low -waist loose jeans are decorated with fading flowers and pickles. They are the shining Arctic stars this season. It guides the series to pass the rock ocean that is usually ambiguous beach style fashion show.

Dyis Vannon

The bold colors and emotions have begun to start this season, which will make people think that the bright color of the Indian color festival is introduced in the sprinkler of the red festival.


His first fashion series and the first fashion show seemed to be exploring multiple themes. Starting with the flame, the Phoenix rises almost; then, it becomes a group of dresses with a hand -painted print with the designer. The show ends with the research of slices and blocks of asymmetric structure.


Cecil Bensson


In the spring of 2022, the designer himself is called the brand’s most exquisite series so far, with the theme of femininity.




The shape itself follows this colorful element. It uses yellow, green, red, navy blue, orange and raspberry color on the small skirt suit, as well as interesting tassel dresses, as well as a series of bold prints, such as real silk skirt matching Pure black top and loose denim suit, love and love.

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