In recent years, the national wind wearing can be said to have set off a heat wave. Many people have get the charm and charm of Guofeng, especially for ordinary middle -aged women, this retro style is directed. Instead, you can avoid the sense of stunning the senses of passers -by. The national style elements and styles are the most unique. Not only are it elegant and unpretentious, but also very tolerance.

Today, I will share with you. This national style wearing bloggers, from the use of clothing elements, to style design, and overall matching, all of them are just right. The same hairstyle is different. It is worth copying middle -aged women. The Chinese style cheongsam, from the neckline design to oblique treatment, and cut shoulder tailoring, are all reflection of traditional culture.

Various printed patterns symbolizing beautiful morals also make the clothing shape more delicate.

1. National Wind Wear -The Black Series of Charm Erner

1. Tang dress makes the shape more dignified


The black series of the national wind wearing will not be too dull, but will show the noble side in the calm and low -key. The premise of using black is the texture of the fabric and the tolerance style, just like this black velvet. Tang costumes, the length of hip covering the hip, the straight version highlights the effect of versatile and leisure, the finishing touch is at the cuffs,

You can use the bright color of the lining with the sleeve, or put down the sleeve to show the restrained side.


2. Cheongsam makes the figure lighter


The black cheongsam style is very worth trying for middle -aged women. Cheongsam is the inheritance of traditional Chinese culture, and it is the key to the unique charm of Chinese women. A cheongsam that meets its own conditions can outline thousands of thousands attitude,

Traditional cheongsams often have the length on the calf, and the style can be repaired without tightness.

Second, national wind wear -minimalism black and white matching


1. Permented silk vest noble and fashionable

The minimalist black and white match can be said to be moving. Although the black and white matching is not too eye -catching, it is the most plastic in the wear. In style,


This hot white silk vest, with a black bottoming shirt, or black wide -leg pants, is very noble and fashionable.

2. Dip buckle straight jacket

The minimalist items can always easily capture the aesthetics of the public. Without any extra accessories and elements, it only shows the advantages of the clothing itself, which is enough to achieve the improvement of temperament. Used on a V -neck straight jacket, it immediately improved the charm and grade of the single product.

Even in a simple design, the national style element is incorporated, and it will show a charming charm.

3. National Treasure Big Panda sweater

As a national treasure panda, the giant panda is also a type of national style element. Large -scale white treatment will make the clothing more advanced. The comfortable and atmospheric atmosphere presented by black and white is not comparable. , Outline the outline of the giant panda,


Minimalist panda sweater jacket cute midfielder with elegant artistic atmosphere.

Third, national wind wear -printed elements with eye -catching effect

1. Printing cheongsam skirt elegant temperament

To say what is the most representative of the national wind element, then the print elements must be in this ranks, the unified print element is covered on the single product, and it can instantly avoid the effect of wearing a single and single -to -one, but also learn to avoid It is too fancy and complicated, and the printing of the printing must be elegant and intellectual.

The printed element cheongsam is worth trying. The stretch version and exquisite printing are unique.

2. Printing short top increases the body proportion


In addition to the cheongsam of the printed element, this printed short top is also a good match, and a short top with the length of the hip length can not only achieve the effect of the printing element, or rely on the silhouette design to show its own itself. Advantage,

With pants and skirts, they are very height and can be visually extended.


Fashion summary:

1. The items that can make the public favored often have its unique advantages. The national style items are typical integration of charm, traditional craftsmanship, and exquisite work.

2. The national wind is not only tradition, but also the elements that can represent China, such as bamboo, panda, plum blossoms, etc., which are amazing.

After watching today’s national style wear, do you have a new understanding of this style positioning? If you like this style too, try it boldly!