The long vest of the flat needle and the lower needle is the product of the coordination of silk and very fine horses. It is a simple design that is very suitable for making full use of the advantages of the material.

Use line: Japan Baya Line. Waxing tiles, thin and soft horses.


[Material] 200 grams of yellow brown, 75 grams of fine horse -haired olives, 3 buttons with a diameter of 2.4 cm


[Tools] Stick needle No. 6, No. 5.

[Product specifications] Bust of 96 cm, 37 cm width of the back shoulder, and 63.5 cm long.

[Density] Within 10 cm 0 10 cm area: 20 stitches/27 lines of the lower needle.

[Weaving instructions] Two wires combined with yellow -brown and olive color lines,


Front and rear films: fingers of the fingers, weaving flat needles and lower stitches, the lower side of the ribs, the side needle -shaped needle reduction, the sleeve, the collar woven needle, and the side vertical addition and subtraction needle, and the shoulders do round -trip woven.


Pocket: Like the body, weave the lower needle and peace needle, and collect the needle with a push needle.

Combination: Terminal splicing, stitching the front and rear films? The collar, weave 16 lines of flat needles. On the left and right front plackets, weaved on one side, and the final needle was observed with an acupuncture needle. The cuff woven ring flat needles, the acupuncture needle is closed. Fix the pockets in the body with elastic stitching and stitching.