In order to implement the relevant national requirements, further improve the function of the “Internet+Public Resources Trading” electronic platform of Manzhouli City, improve and strengthen the ability to organize, storage and read -in of electronic archives and audio and video. The video intelligent archive system has recently completed the debugging work with the electronic platform and is officially put into use.

The launch of the intelligent archive system changed the original staff manually selected the monitoring video of the benchmark room from the hard disk video, and downloaded to the hard disk archive method according to the project time. Traditional methods need to manually operate the burning machine, loading video, burning disc, etc. The archive method has problems such as video fragmentation, useless video, and low labor efficiency. The launch of the intelligent archive system has realized the entire process of archiving, realizing one -click video archives, automatic interception of valid sound videos, and automatic production of video files printed with project information. Intelligent allocation of the CD -ROM storage position does not require manual intervention throughout the process, which can achieve a perfect connection with the electronic bidding system and the remote bid evaluation system.

The launch of the intelligent archive system is another upgrade of the electronic platform function. The Public Resources Trading Center will continue to provide the city’s public resource trading field with increasingly mature and stable trading platforms.