Tong Nian Dream

“Ding Ling Bell …” The alarm sounded, and I got up from the bed as soon as I gurgled, and my mother’s puppet came from the ear.

“Hurry to wash your face, eat, and eat, I go to work, you quickly write the homework, write the questions I arrange. Before I come back at noon, I have to complete all of them, I heard it!” Listening to the “pop”, the door closed. I entered the dream hometown again in my mother’s voices.

“Write, what else can I do in addition to writing a day, if there is a cloned me, how good should it be?” I said to myself. Suddenly, there was a person who looked exactly like me in front of me. He said: “Master, I am a cloned person, what do you let me do?” “Is this true?” I am incredible. Bad eyes. In order to try it out, I said, “Okay, you went to write my homework, and finished the questions on the table.” “Understand!” The cloned people simply answered. After speaking, I took a bunch of snacks from the refrigerator and looked at the TV while eating snacks. After about an hour and a half, the clone said, “Master, my task has been completed.” The voice did not fall, and a knock came. “No! Mom is back, you go to deal with it.” After that, I hurried into the closet.

The clone people go to open the door, “Mom, my homework and tasks have been completed!” “Okay! You are great, take you to swim in the afternoon.” “Mom, no, I have to learn piano in the afternoon.” Fake, leave! “They came back after swimming, and my dad was there. “Pig, take a break for a while, let’s go and play more!” “Really?” The clone said excitedly. “Really!” I saw everything from the door of the wardrobe, and I was envious. I’m afraid that my parents don’t want me, and I hurried out: “Mom and Dad, I am your son! He is a clone, go out!” I pointed at the cloned man and rebuked loudly. “How did you come in?” Dad yelled. “Our son is him, not you!” After that, they launched me out of the house. I was sad and regretted, thinking, “It’s over, there is no parent now, I’m miserable!” I cried aside.

“Get up, little pig, hurry up.” Oh, my mother, I hurriedly opened my eyes, it turned out to be a dream, and I relieved. “Little pig, you can do your homework after eating, and I have something to do with your dad. Go first.” “My parents, I love you.” Mom and Dad first smiled, then smiled, and said, “We also love you!”

Basketball accompanies me to grow

When I was very young, Grandpa taught me to play basketball, and gradually I was fascinated by basketball. I am fascinated regardless of watching basketball or playing basketball.

play basketball

After Grandpa moved to a new home, there was a basketball rack in the yard. The two neighbors and I often played there and left a good memory. When playing basketball, we are very relaxed. You don’t have to think about anything, just shoot. I ran the ball and avoided their pursuit, and they tried to intercept the robbing ball. We are so happy, so happy, so carefree. In happiness, I spent good time, and in the happiness, I also trained my determination and confidence in the difficulties and overcome difficulties.

Watch basketball

One day, I had breakfast, and my brother and I watched the basketball game in front of the TV. In the final finals, the Cavaliers paid the Warriors. The Warriors have won three games. If they win this time, the Warriors will become the championship of the finals this year. My brother and I PK, I support the Warriors, my brother supports the Cavaliers. I showed in front of my brother, shouting “Warriors, come on”, and my brother shouted “Knight Come”. At the beginning of the game, the Warriors felt very good, and the knight felt poorly, but LeBron James countered it. In the third game, the Warriors pulled the score and finally won the Warriors. I am very happy that my brother is very lost. He said that the Cavaliers will win next time.

I like basketball, I like the excitement and joy that the fierce competition on the field, and the relaxation and comfort of the whole body after sweating. Basketball, my partner, I would like to accompany you forever.


I am the last panda in the world. I was arranged in the zoo and lived in the viewing of tourists every day; I have no freedom, such as walking dead; I have no friends, and other animals are watching me with strange eyes, making me feel uneasy. Fast.

Until a day, I saw a little boy in the crowd. He did not throw cold eyes like others, but looked at me with a warm and compassionate eyes. I saw hope. In the evening, I slept on a special bed. Suddenly, the door opened “squeak”, and a small head came in, and I was very scared. The figure suddenly said: “Panda, can we make friends?” Although I don’t understand what he said, I think it should be a friendly way. I recognized him the little boy during the day and I promised him. He came to me every day, and my life became colorful and meaningful.

One day, after I was watched as usual, I returned to the room. The lamp suddenly turned on. I saw the little boy holding a thing like a bamboo in his hand. Not only was it beautiful, but also delicious.

优秀作文选:《梦 想》《我 的 好 朋 友》《篮 球 伴 我 成 长》

In this way, time passed day by day. One day, I asked the little boy, “What is your name?” But he didn’t understand at all, and looked at me in surprise. After the little boy left, I learned what he spoke and practiced. I said ten times in a row. When I was eleventh, I even spoke human language. I was very happy and waiting for his arrival. However, one day, two days, the little boy did not come, three days, four days, still disappeared …

I just sat there and waited, because I believe that he will come …

My good friends

优秀作文选:《梦 想》《我 的 好 朋 友》《篮 球 伴 我 成 长》

I have many good friends, the best of them is Wang Aoquan. He is the squad leader of our class. There are many things between us. I still remember two things.

One exam

It can be said that those who know me are all kings. During the class, the teacher sent the papers of the last simulation math test. After class, Wang Aoquan asked me: “Are you a full score!” I asked in surprise: “How do you know?” “Because of the time when I was in class, I saw you happy.” Can you know that I have scored a full score? “” Hey, know me, you are not you. “

One -time

Once, Wang Ao and I was awkward because a game had different differences. We originally discussed the two game rules. I said that using rules first, but he had to use rules two. Because of this, we almost fought. Finally, after calm down, we decided to merge these two rules. In this way, we reconciled again.

I believe that at least one or two friends will have friends! One more understanding, tolerance, and courtesy among friends can become an eternal friend.

Outstanding composition selection: “Dream Thinking”, “My Good Friends”, “Basketball accompanied me to grow”