Speaking of which, it is the day when the majority of students start school. So how to wear shoes on the start of school, so that you can harvest “Wow one holiday without seeing it” or “good shoes”? Xiaobian will bring you some trendy shoes that are very suitable for students. It is not exaggerated or expensive. The upper foot is a batch of good -looking batch. Interested friends, don’t miss it!


adidas iniki boost

I like Boost’s feet, but I always hate Ultraboost with the street, EQT BOOST and NMD shoe? Adidas Inki Boost may be a good choice for you. The body of the retro leisure running shoe is put on Adidas’s strongest cushioning technology, which makes it one of the most versatile unpopular casual shoes this year. Whether it is a quiet book or a hot -blooded boy, you can easily control the adidas Inki Boost, don’t you come?


Nike Air More Money

Full of enough “big Air” on the street, but do you like the heavy shoe type? Nike Air More Money’s unique “shoe cover” design and domineering full palm insoles will become the selling point of shoes. Whether it is a couple shoes or a trendy dress alone, it will be a good choice.

Converse One Star


1970s is strong, and the momentum of One Star is about to rise. The release of Converse One Star “LNY” may be the horn of recapture the name of Converse’s head again. Whether it is the black version of the black, or the “small fresh” color matching color with Golf’s name, it has its own highlights. This year’s popular trend+richer color choice, a pair of Converse One Star is naturally essential.

Air Max 98

Following the “bullet”, Air Max 98 also followed us in front of us. It is relatively more suitable for wide -footed appearance and full palm AIR MAX air cushion. The domineering level is close to retro basketball shoes. Whether it is a bright color matching, or the low -key color matching with some functions, it is very suitable. Do n’t miss it.


Vapor Street


I think Vapor Fly is too functional, but want to experience the excitement of the big foam? Vaopr Street is very good in terms of casual appearance and retaining running shoes, and the thickness of the midsole foam will definitely make you feel “walking clouds”. Maybe the only concern when you buy it -how do I put on clothes?

Nike PG 2


Looking tired of the PG1 of almost the hands of the school, isn’t it fast to be the earliest people who wear PG2? Still the “middle high -end” of the forefront air cushion+full palm boots is the difference in the more fine grasp of the more fine lines and the stronger stability! I believe you who fall in love with PG1, you never want to miss this pair of enhanced versions of the defender combat!


adidas Harden Vol.2

The full palm BOOST+full palm boots has established the absolute position of this pair of Harden Vol.2 in the adidas combat shoe camp, and the support performance of stability and excellent support in the area has also been improved in the area. Maybe it will not be the best face value signature shoes this year, but this will never prevent Harden Vol.2 become a pair of excellent actual combat shoes.


Jordan whynotzer0.1

The “absolute support” of the suffocating absolute package and the outer coverage, with the highest cushioning configuration of Nike -full palm AIR air cushion, how many requirements do you also have a pair of actual combat shoes priced at 999? Oh yes, I forgot to say that it is the first pair of actual signature shoes of Wei Shao.

But if your feet are relatively wide, then it’s still …

Ua Hovr Phantom

Ready to lose weight/fitness/prepare marathon, but forget to prepare double new running shoes? HOVR Phantom may be a new game of your equipment library! The new HOVR technology cushioning is comfortable, and it can release a strong rebound. At the same time, the wrapping and light quality of the woven upper can also make you more comfortable during the training process. Can HOVR, known as “hard Boost”, release huge energy this year? Let’s wait and see.