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Guide: How to choose smartphones in the second half of the year? Recommend four best models, covering major categories!

After so many years of development, smartphones have already become one of the most important things in our lives. Whether it is our life or daily work, smartphones have played an extremely important role; and now in a special period, in a special period, Scaning the health code with a smartphone has also become a necessary tool for us to go in and out of public places. Since mobile phones are so important, it is undoubtedly a very important thing to choose a good mobile phone. After entering the second half of 2021, major smartphone manufacturers in major smartphone manufacturers are They all released their own flagship mobile phones, so how to choose smartphones in the second half of 2021? Recommend four best models, covering major categories!


1. The strongest photo mobile phone: Xiaomi 11 ULTR mobile phone


In the past two years, after the sales of mobile phones in Huawei have continued to decline, Xiaomi mobile phones have ushered in the opportunity to rise. In order to enter the high -end mobile phone market, and win the market share of Huawei mobile phones, Lei Jun has also made a blood out, and it is also the best, and it is also the best. This Xiaomi 11 ULTR mobile phone is also the flagship of Xiaomi in the second half of the year; the Xiaomi Mi 11 ULTR mobile phone is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor chip, and the design of the modern ceramic process. The main thing is that the first mobile phone lens sensor is the largest GN2 in this mobile phone. The design of the rear three camera module looks exaggerated, almost one -third of the back, but the camera ability is very good. On the DOX ranking, Xiaomi 11 Ultr mobile phone rely on strong camera capabilities!

Second, the most durable mobile phone: iPhone13 mobile phone


This is the top flagship mobile phone that Apple has recently released. The iPhone13 is not only equipped with Apple A15 processor chip, but also the blessing of the iOS 15 system. It exceeds the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor chip, so the use experience of the entire phone is very happy, and in terms of the fluency of Apple mobile phones, there are generally no problems for three or five years!


Third, the best game mobile phone: Realme GT master exploration version of mobile phone


Although many people have not heard of this mobile phone brand, its strength is very powerful. After returning to the development of the domestic market, Realme mobile phones are mainly cost -effective, and even make Xiaomi inferior. Realme’s strength is even stronger. This Realme GT master explore version of the mobile phone is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 mobile platform, 120Hz Samsung curved screen,+7GB out of the expansion, the main frequency of the CPU is 3.2GHz A77*1+2.4GHz A77 A77 *3+1.8GHz A55*4, and it is also optimized specifically for game performance. It can be said that the game experience is still very good. The most important thing is that the price is not expensive!

Fourth, the most cost -effective mobile phone: Redmi K40 mobile phone

As the sub -brand of Xiaomi mobile phone, Redmi has always been the main cost -effective mobile phone, and this Redmi K40 phone also inherits the advantage of cost performance. The camera ability is very good, and there is no problem to meet the needs of daily life. In addition, the 7.8mm thin and thin design, whether you are a face -to -value control or the appearance of the phone, almost all can fall in love with it. It can be used for a long time for only once, and the cost -effective also makes this phone a current explosion!

Taken together, there are many mobile phones available in the smartphone market. In China, not only domestic mobile phone brands such as Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO and vivo are available, but also international mobile phone brands such as Samsung and Apple can Choose, but we must not be blind when we buy a mobile phone, otherwise it is easy to enter the pit. When choosing a mobile phone, we must first think about our needs and then make a decision. How to choose smartphones in the second half of 2021? These four models are the best, covering major categories! Don’t you know what you like?