On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2018, CITIC Bank launched the first domestic intelligent deposit cans that can be counted as interest, becoming the best gift for the elders of the Spring Festival to children.

Through CITIC Bank’s intelligent saving can, children can always understand how much New Year’s money or growth funds they have, and how much interest can be generated every day. Intelligent deposit tanks can also be stored for children’s selected wealth voice stories, using stories and practical operations to open children’s financial business education.

With the development of the times, children’s understanding of wealth needs to be guided. In life, the most common situation is that children spend the New Year’s money, and their parents cannot help manage; or they can be managed by their parents. The child can only understand how much money is in their parents. It’s right. These are not conducive to children’s financial and business education.

“Children need to understand and participate in person in person to have enough understanding of ‘money’. This is the original intention of CITIC Bank to launch a smart deposit tank.” Helping parents and children scientifically managed New Year’s money and bonuses, and also allowed children to understand the basic wealth concepts such as money that can make money, wealth needs to be taken care of, spending money, how to manage money, and how to manage money. A financial business education.

智能存钱罐可以通过中信银行微信服务号与客户的中信银行借记账户进行绑定,儿童把压岁钱、奖学金等存入银行后,可选择活期存款、定期存款、大额存单、月月息、 Products and other products. After the WiFi network, click the button on the device every day. The deposit information such as the account balance and the return of the day will be displayed on the screen of the deposit tank and can be reported in voice. Users can also use WeChat bank entrance to perform equipment configuration and music story playback on smart deposit tanks.

It is understood that during the promotion of the product, as long as you add a time deposit of more than 200,000 more than 200,000 more than 200,000 or more, you can get a smart deposit tank for free (each customer can only get one). In the debit card account associated with intelligent deposit tanks, China CITIC Bank star wealth management products can be processed. The interest that the child query by the intelligent deposit tank is the interest calculated for the real -time interest of the system, that is, the interest of deposit products such as current, regular, large -scale deposit, monthly interest, and interest pots.