When it comes to high -end RVs, we can’t help but think of various types of RVs based on the import of Ivico New Daily chassis. Just like Ivico’s hometown Italy, it is rich in various supercar brands, such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani and other familiar names. Although the reputation is loud, the Italian sports car has some common “slots”, that is, the quality is never proportional to the price. However, the Iveco brand that focuses on commercial vehicles also involves the military vehicle field is not so “Italy”.

和法拉利同乡 为什么卖这么贵?进口依维柯New Daily底盘详解

Its models are known for super reliability and stability.

Today, our protagonist imported Eviko New Daily has won numerous awards since its birth, and has a good reputation worldwide. Let’s take a look today, how does this “guy” from Italy performed?

Iveco imported New Daily is a second -class chassis that is mainly aimed at RV and high -end logistics scenarios.

The size is 5943 × 2160 × 2338 (mm), the wheelbase is 3450mm, and the driver is 4 × 2.

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The closer to the import of Iveco New Daily, the general roughness of the truck is getting rid of the roughness of the truck.

The in front of the face is designed with a “U -shaped” design, supplemented by three slender chrome trims just in the right embellishment,

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It is full of smooth design and fine workmanship, and I can’t help but admire Italian designers. The Iveco logo is located in the most prominent position of the cover, and the overall matching is harmonious.

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On both sides of the grille are the “eyes” of the vehicle,

The raised eyes look bright. The far and near light lights are made of halogen. The “corner of the eyes” raised by the “corner of the eye” is used to show wide lights. It can also be used for daytime running lights.

At the bumper below is the turning light and fog lights.

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The front bar of the vehicle is made of black, which effectively prevents small scratches. The replacement cost is very low.

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Metal guards are installed at the bottom of the engine oil,

Prevent the damage to the vehicle.

The vehicle is equipped with a torque lever anterior suspension and rolling roller,

The difference between handling is not much different from the car.

When you come to the side of the body, the chassis that does not appear to be a bit thin, and in the case of empty load, the rear bridge will feel slightly upward. From the side, the headlights have been extended to the A -pillar position, and the A -pillar and the window are also black, which looks very integrated. The front side of the car is also the same as the front of the car. It is also a black material. The small scraping will not be obvious. Even if the severe scraping, the replacement fee can be minimized.

The minimum turning diameter of the chassis is 12138mm, and the minimum ground clearance is 163mm.

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The “65-170” on the reflective mirror is an exclusive logo imported by Iveco New Daily. Among them, “65” indicates that this is a 6.5 -ton chassis with a maximum design load of 6.5 tons; “170” indicates that the vehicle owns

170 horsepower

Essence Hi Mature means that the chassis is equipped with the latest ZF

和法拉利同乡 为什么卖这么贵?进口依维柯New Daily底盘详解

8 -speed automatic transmission,

It will be mentioned below.

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The lower end of the reflector is also equipped with a steering light,

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There is a better prompt effect when turning.

The biggest advantage of this imported Iveco New Daily chassis is

The rear of the compartment is a non -closed type, and the plastic sheet that can be simply disassembled is obscured for car manufacturers.

Imported one model

和法拉利同乡 为什么卖这么贵?进口依维柯New Daily底盘详解

3.0T diesel engine,

Inline four -cylinder 16 valve design,

The maximum power is 125 kW/170 horsepower@3500 rpm; the maximum torque is 400 Nm@1250-3000 rpm.

Due to the equipment of turbocharged,

和法拉利同乡 为什么卖这么贵?进口依维柯New Daily底盘详解

And the maximum torque has been exported from 1250 to

Provide a strong motivation for vehicles when starting and climbing. The engine emissions are the National Five Standards, and there are technologies such as high -voltage rails, and cold -stabilized technologies at the technical level. The diesel filter is an electric heating,

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Inlet heating system

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The equipment can also be free to deal with the cold winter. In terms of electrical,

The battery is designed with a 12V 110AH capacity, and the generator is 12V 210A.

The cover is covered with insulation cotton,

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It can be isolated from the engine noise. The biggest effect is to prevent the fog of rainwater from evaporating the evaporation of the machine when it rains.

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On both sides of the engine cover, a spring support pole design is adopted

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There is no need to manually look for support support after lifting up, and it is often equipped in the field of high -end cars.

The car headlights are installed on the front frame of the car,

In this way, the front of the car is not easy to collapse when it collides with a slight collision.

The vehicle nameplate shows that this imported Ivico New Daily comes from Italy,

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The chassis weighs about 2353kg, and the total quality is maximum allowed to 6500kg, leaving the maximum allowed to be allowed to be equipped with a maximum of about 4147kg.

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For RVs that can be expanded and configured, left

和法拉利同乡 为什么卖这么贵?进口依维柯New Daily底盘详解

Pinded loading space.

I have to say that the cockpit of the import of Ivico New Daily looks very textured, and the black and dark blue match is low -key and restrained. The flying wing layout is obviously more car -based design language. In terms of in terms of, it is indeed not much different from the car.

The gearbox uses ZF

和法拉利同乡 为什么卖这么贵?进口依维柯New Daily底盘详解

With 8 forward gears and 1 reverse gear. The gearbox is equipped with many high -end cars, such as Maserati, BMW and other brands.

Compared with manual transmission, shifting efficiency is more efficient and economical.

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There are three types of drivers to choose from: ECO (energy -saving) mode to minimize fuel consumption; PWR (power) mode to reach a higher speed; manual mode, you can control the gear by yourself and enjoy driving control fun.

The steering wheel is covered with soft wirten plastic material, which is not hard to touch. A full airbag is installed in the center of the steering wheel. Set up

Multifunction steering wheel,

和法拉利同乡 为什么卖这么贵?进口依维柯New Daily底盘详解

Integrated functions such as calling, switching mode, regulating volume and silence.

和法拉利同乡 为什么卖这么贵?进口依维柯New Daily底盘详解

Driving display

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Below the instrument panel, it is displayed as a red font, which is very eye -catching. LCD screen display information is rich in information, including gear display, power mode, time, the temperature of the car, and the amount of urea remaining.

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The workmanship of the turning light rod and the wiper rod is shown in the figure.

Above the center console is a place

Storage space,

You can place mobile wallets and other items. The USB interfaces on both sides are convenient for charging. The bottom is made of non -slip material, and the design is reasonable.

和法拉利同乡 为什么卖这么贵?进口依维柯New Daily底盘详解

Both sides of the instrument table are hidden in the space of considerable space

Convenient to place debris.

Button area

Rich function, installed height adjustment, front and rear fog light control, ESP body stability system, and door switch, with a storage compartment below.

Imported Ivico New Daily is equipped

和法拉利同乡 为什么卖这么贵?进口依维柯New Daily底盘详解

Automatic air conditioner,

It can be said to be quite “luxury” for the chassis of the RV.

The temperature can be adjusted on the left.

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Adjust the air volume on the right, the AUTO key allows the cockpit to automatically adjust to the preset temperature.

和法拉利同乡 为什么卖这么贵?进口依维柯New Daily底盘详解

The button below is integrated

Heating function button, rearview mirror,

If it is a chassis with a rear variance lock, there is a separate button. The similar UFO style on the right is a wiring controller connected to the rear axle, which is generally not very useful for RVs.

Also equipped

和法拉利同乡 为什么卖这么贵?进口依维柯New Daily底盘详解

Devouring lane alarm system

和法拉利同乡 为什么卖这么贵?进口依维柯New Daily底盘详解

(LDWS) and the rear cabin heating pipeline (suitable for heat exchangeers and heater, no heat exchangers and heater).


和法拉利同乡 为什么卖这么贵?进口依维柯New Daily底盘详解

High adjustment of rear bridge airbags

和法拉利同乡 为什么卖这么贵?进口依维柯New Daily底盘详解

In the button, the driver can adjust the airbag according to the size of the cargo loading.

The airbag is installed at the side of the co -driver instrument,

There are two storage spaces below. Especially the middle external storage compartment, the design is very practical, the most applicable for fragmented items.

The cockpit seat is covered with woven material, which is in line with

Ergonomic design,

Ride soft and comfortable. The seat head is designed with a hollow slush skeleton. It is excellent to the head when colliding. The hollow design reduces the weight and has a sporty atmosphere. The seat is equipped with an armrest on the inside, and long -distance driving can also reduce fatigue. Picking

Three adjustments, waist support

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Also in place.

The biggest highlight is the import of Iveco New Daily

Mainly and co -driver is equipped with air suspension seats,

Even the section of Danpo has made the main and auxiliary driver stable. The knobs below can be adjusted according to weight, and the adjustment range is large.

Heating the seat,

The cold winter keeps the body warm.

There is a storage compartment under the seat,

You can place items such as car tools.

A pillar on both sides


Improve the effect of listening.

The door panel has three storage space,

The middle storage space is the largest and can accommodate many items.

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The reflector supports the electric adjustment. The windows on both sides can be lifted with one -button electricity. The combination of the glass and the door is made of fluffy, which is good.

Here are the chassis part. All the beams are made of special steel.

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The frame is 860mm wide.

和法拉利同乡 为什么卖这么贵?进口依维柯New Daily底盘详解

The material of the left fuel tank is high -quality resin material, which is completely hidden after covering it. In the middle of the lower end of the frame, there is a transmission shaft, and above is the Y -shaped handbrake connection. The right side is the exhaust part and urea tank.

Even the transmission shaft that everyone can’t see is in place.

Among the many fuel supply pipelines, the original factory was reserved

和法拉利同乡 为什么卖这么贵?进口依维柯New Daily底盘详解

The oil port of Truma fuel boiler,

Covering through the glue case, the upgrade of this part is a highlight.

和法拉利同乡 为什么卖这么贵?进口依维柯New Daily底盘详解

The ternary catalytic part of the exhaust is located below the inside of the frame, which offset the exhaust vibration by hanging ears. Since the import of Iveco New Daily is equipped

和法拉利同乡 为什么卖这么贵?进口依维柯New Daily底盘详解

Urea tank,

It is very helpful for environmental protection. At the same time, it can improve horsepower. In the case of insufficient urea, mobilize the opportunity to reduce the horsepower until the urea is supplemented.

The joints attached to the exhaust are ammonia and carbon dioxide sensors. Through the ECU device on the side of the frame, the exhaust temperature is adjusted to make the excreted exhaust gas more environmentally friendly. As far as Iveco New Daily is concerned, its own environmental standards are beyond the five national standards.

The rear wheels are in the form of double -row wheels. The middle wheelbase is 1660mm in the rear wheelbase, the inner side of the rear wheels is 1165mm, the outer width of the rear two wheels is 2155mm, the center of the inner wheels is 1395mm, and the center of the outer wheel wheel is 1925mm.

和法拉利同乡 为什么卖这么贵?进口依维柯New Daily底盘详解

Details between the transmission shaft and differentials are connected with a dental structure.

The differential device is printed with Iveco’s logo.

Imported Ivico New Daily chassis optional

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Differential lock,

The spring part is the structure that controls the differential lock.

和法拉利同乡 为什么卖这么贵?进口依维柯New Daily底盘详解

The rear axle suspension uses a drag arm air airbag to reduce shock,

There are anti -tilt rods installed in the suspension. For RVs, air suspension can improve the stability and passability of the vehicle, which can also reduce the body when parking, making it more convenient to get on and off.

The horizontal adjustment of the branches is used to sensor the horizontal degree of the rear axle, thereby adjusting the air in the airbag.

和法拉利同乡 为什么卖这么贵?进口依维柯New Daily底盘详解

In the middle of the frame is the pump of the airbag.

6.5 tons of import of Iveco New Daily chassis owned

The original tires use the Michelin brand with a specification of 225/75 R16, including 6 bicycle tires and 1 spare tire, which costs high.

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和法拉利同乡 为什么卖这么贵?进口依维柯New Daily底盘详解

Through our details analysis, I believe that everyone has seen the overall structure of the import of Ivico New Daily chassis, especially the beams are made of special steel. The details of the chassis are well -made workmanship, and they are also very rich in configuration, especially the heating airbag seats, automatic air conditioning, 8 -speed automatic transmission, and the air suspension of the lifting chassis. At the same time, it also moves closer to the car in the actual driving experience. For RV manufacturers, the chassis factory has reserved a wealth of interfaces, and the cut -off box guarantees the production efficiency of the production line. The most important thing is that the 6.5 -ton chassis is difficult to exceed the maximum load for the C -type RV. With the ESP body stability configuration, the maximum of the vehicle is to ensure the driving safety of the vehicle. (Figure/Wang Zunhao text/Zhang Yechi)

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8 -speed automatic transmission,

Storage space,