Like the previous articles about Amber and Agarwood, the collectibles are antiques, not things on Taobao nowadays.

Today, pearls are introduced, all of which are handed down artworks. The princes and nobles of the Qing Dynasty were extremely extravagant, and they used all the treasures of the world to apply gold to themselves. The same is true of pearls. No matter the pearls used in Chaozhu or bracelets, how many pearls did the old lady Cixi be buried? : Before the corpse of Cixi entered the coffin, first lay the three -layer golden beaded mattress and a layer of pearls on the bottom of the coffin, a foot thick. The crown on her head was inlaid with a big pearl and weighed four or two. At that time, one or two was equal to 37.3 grams, which was 149.2 grams, close to 150 grams. Value of 1 million silver, equivalent to RMB 40 million. It is a rare treasure in the world. After the burial was completed, it poured two hundred and two hundred pieces of four liters of pearls and red and sapphires to fill the gap in the coffin; there were eight hundreds of pearls and five hundred pearls, which were equivalent to 25.6mm diameter giant pearls. Two -point pearls and one thousand grains and two thousand three -point pearls; gems and pearls are about 2.23 million silver. According to the current calculation, the eight -point pearl is equivalent to 25mm diameter. Therefore, the Qing Dynasty was very particular about pearls, and the current pearls are not cheap. On Tmall, a 16mm Nanyang white pearl is 800 yuan. Naked beads are at least 4,000 yuan, and they are also sold. The gram price reached 1650 yuan, four times the price of gold! If it is a giant pearl of more than 20mm, this is probably difficult to estimate!


It can be seen that if the pearl products in the Qing Dynasty were encountered, whether it was a bead or a naked beads, as long as it was authentic, the price was acceptable. Please note that only the collection here. If you buy it, you can ask the jewelry designer to design a stylish style. The effect of wearing it can be imagined!

Below is a box of 16mm beads with diameter between 15.5-16.2. Although it is not the imperial bead, the appropriate price collection is fully preserved.

The following series of 16mm golden beads. In order to verify the authenticity of the pearls in the beads, whether it is a beads, it is the synthetic pearl that is artificially suppressed. , Diameter 15.9mm, calculate the density, get more than 2.8 grams/³cm, which is in line with the density of sea water pearls. It proves that it is not a beads- “artificial synthetic pearl”. It is true. Then solve whether the golden color is primary or dyed, so I found a way to see it separately, and the result proves that it is dyed pearl. This reminds me that the colorful pearls of the Qing Dynasty should make a few more question marks and decide whether to start. However, no matter what, the starting price at the time was still possible.


Below is a 30.45mm naked bead, weighs 42.3 grams

Such giant nude beads are definitely worth having.

Below is a 30mm diameter 18 -seed royal bracelet. You can see growth patterns and luxurious accessories in strong light. It is a very proud collectible.


It is not difficult to identify antiques pearls. The appearance can be compared with a real pearl, followed by density. How much weight is called. Based on the pearl density, the pearl is calculated whether the weight of the pearl is qualified. If you qualify, you can talk about the price of starting. If the bead weighs lighter than the standard, it is basically beads. If it is artificially synthesized, there is no collection value!


Collection is a kind of fun, a kind of enjoyment. I am willing to share with friends who like to collect such collections. Among them, naked beads and dismantled beads can be communicated. You do n’t need to worry about dyeing beads. Even if you peel it, polish it with 2000 mesh sandpaper, and immediately restore the original eyebrows of Bai Pearl. After all, the size of 16mm is placed there! Hao Heng can make bracelets, eighteen seeds! Single accessories are very cool!


Below is a string of 12mm black pearl beads. The accessories are luxurious. The material of the beads is not emerald, but also the unique decorations of the Qing Dynasty. The commemorative beads are all water -level tourmaline, which is very precious.

The pearls in the collection of miscellaneous items are the same as rare materials such as amber and agarwood. They are not only preserved, but also very practical. They can be handed down or accessible, fashionable and fashionable! Interested friends are welcome to communicate and learn!