Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai, March 16th. Question: Wool vest full of bullet holes

Xinhua News Agency reporter Wu Zhendong and Guo Jingdan

Seeing the sweater full of bullet holes 90 years ago, the visitors were moving.

“Seeing this Mao vest, I seemed to see the strong beliefs of the heroes. Said.

This is a dull wool vest, 7 bomb holes and mottled blood. Its owner is Feng Yan, a member of the Communist Party of China, one of the “Twenty -Four Martyrs of Longhua”.

On February 7, 1931, it was only 10 days before the Lunar New Year.

Late at night, the former Kuomintang Songhu Police Command of the Police Command, wearing deep myopia glasses and dark wool vests and her comrades, facing the enemy’s muzzle, in the tragic “International Song” and high -pitched high -pitched The slogan “Long live the Communist Party of China” fell down. Feng Yan’s seven bombs were sacrificed, only 24 years old.

Feng Yan, formerly known as Feng Lingmei, was born in Chaozhou, Guangdong in 1907. Seeing that the feudal oppression of the people is not talking about life, she loves literature with a pen as a gun and devoted himself to the torrent of the revolution. For this reason, she also abandoned her original poetic name. In May 1929, Feng Yan joined the Communist Party of China. The following year, she and more than 50 progressive people jointly launched the establishment of the Chinese left -wing writer alliance.

In January 1931, due to the disciples’ reports, Feng Yan and others who were secretly met in a secret meeting were taken away by the Shanghai Concession, which was suddenly rushed in, and was later escorted to the former Kuomintang Songhu Police Command Detention Center.

History records the nostalgia of the young martyr’s life -a pack of candy and two canned foods is the birthday gift she gave to her husband Xu Emi under the difficult conditions. The wool vest is her gap between the tram. For Xu Emi woven. Although Xu Emi liked it very much, he insisted that Feng Yan put on the cold himself.

In the Qingming Festival in 1950, people dug out the remains of the martyrs near the Longhua Revolutionary martyr who righteously righteous. One of the wool vests that had not been rotten and left with bullet holes. This is them. “

Today, on the walls of the former detention center in Longhua Martyrs Cemetery, there are still poems written by the revolutionary volunteers who have been detained here like Feng Yue that year: “Longhua has high winds in ancient times, and the strong men are dead. Blood, generally bright and red. “

“When sorting out the historical materials of the Twenty -Four Martyrs of Longhua, we felt that these young revolutionaries gave up the happiness of themselves and their families very resolutely. , Until the sacrifice of life.

In October 2020, the execution ground of the “Twenty -Four Martyrs of Longhua” that year became the “Memorial History of the Longhua Revolutionary Martyrs”. A “Pioneer Avenue” connects the former Kuomintang Songhu Police Command Detention Center with the Longhua Revolutionary Martyrs. On both sides of the road is the tall nanmu. They have a tough texture and deep roots.

“I also want to take my grandson to walk again. This avenue is not only the road of generosity of Yinglie, but also the road of unyielding and stubborn rebirth of the Chinese nation.” Mr. Li, a Shanghai citizen, said. (Finish)