Now most people must pay great attention to their own image. In the eyes of girls, it is reflected in all aspects. Then this dress is very important!

How can I do without a eye -catching dress! Try the Japanese college style! The college style is not only exclusive to students, but also the patent of every girl with a girl’s heart.

This college style skirt is wearing the 18 -year -old girl himself, with two types of long and short models to meet the needs of various figure.

The big navy lapel dual -line decoration has a lively and lively freshness. Collar visually open and close to the chest


Use a bow to add a ladylike temperament, use the same color in the chest, so don’t worry about glowing. [Be careful with you]

Sweet bubble sleeves and small lantern cuffs are loose and thin, and the Kirin arm MM can also be worn with confidence. [Ai] The effect of tightening high waist, fitting, large skirts are thin, and they are very suitable for sisters with pear -shaped figures.


The skirt has a superimposed three -layer skirt effect. To the length of the middle of the thigh, with the small leather shoes, it is the feel of the Japanese lady [better]


Long style: long and calf, creating an elegant school sister temperament


Short models: Sweet Beefness, Huang is suitable for small people, showing long legs, not pressing one!

The fast -paced urban life brings tremendous pressure on modern people. Many people pursue a relaxed living state in their spare time. Choose a free life!