Source: People’s Daily Online

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, March 18 (Reporter Wang Zhen) On March 17, the China Securities Industry Association publicly solicited Opinion.

The China Securities Industry Association stated that the securities industry employee qualification examination has been implemented for more than 20 years, and the selection of employees in the securities industry has held “entry customs”, and about 100 million people have entered the securities industry to engage in securities business. With the development of the capital market, the examination management system based on qualification management needs to be adjusted and improved accordingly.

The “Implementation Rules” aims to standardize the organization, propositions, performance management, and participation of the responsibilities of all parties in the evaluation and testing of the professional ability of the securities company and the level of evaluation and testing work. The following four aspects are mainly adjusted:

The first is to change the test name and determine the test classification. Adjust the securities qualification examination into the evaluation and test of the professional capacity level of non -quasi -entry type. It is clear that the test is divided into two categories: the professional capacity level evaluation test and the level of senior management personnel. Among them, the professional capacity level evaluation test of employees includes general business level evaluation testing and special business level evaluation testing; the level of senior management personnel evaluation tests are divided into general senior management personnel level evaluation tests and special senior managers’ level evaluation tests.

The second is to clarify the purpose of testing. The “Implementation Rules” adjusts the purpose of testing to the basic knowledge of the employees, and shifts to whether the professional ability of the employees meets the industry and corresponding position requirements. The reference of reference also stipulates that the accuracy rate of the test papers reaches 60%or more is the basic requirements.

The third is to adjust the registration conditions and score management systems, and set the validity period of results. At the same time, in order to do a good job of connecting the new and old system, the person who has passed the exam has a 5 -year transition period, and a certain preparation time for the old candidates who are willing to enter the securities industry.

The fourth is to refine illegal responsibilities and seriously test discipline. It is clear that the test violations have increased from 17 to 21, and according to the severity of the violations, the processing category is adjusted to slight, general, serious, and particularly serious. For particularly serious violations, the cancellation of all scores and prohibited tests for 5 years.