Hi everyone is good

In addition to the down jacket coat, the winter jacket, found that many sisters this year’s sisters are also extravagant,

I remember that I have just started to pop there last year, I didn’t think it’s good to see it.


Thinking, it’s another tide of retro style.


I didn’t expect to get more and more fire! For a while, I have seen more and more wear bloggers, and the star private service is unveiled.

Finally, get to it’s daily fashionable correct open mode.

“Sure enough,” rush “the most rational choice,

It is to let it fly. “


Of course, it is another discussion reason, is a unique “quilted” process to improve the nephew and constitutive feelings of winter large clothes.

Compared with the bloated in the down jacket,

There is more inclusive to the body of the clothes, and the fashion is also stronger.

Speaking of straight white, is sufficient to be thin


The only thing you need to pay attention is that you don’t care, you will restore the soil and overtime!


How to do it, look down

Style “relax”


If this grandmother cotton clothing, “Slim version, the outer surface is soft and easy to wrinkle, the color is bright”, and the color is bright, and there is any point of this, it should be excluded from your choice.

Can be restored to close your eyes


: This kind of pending shoulder, the 版 is the first choice, the color of the medium rules

Coffee color


Dark gray


Cream white



The card is great, plus the texture of it comes with it, very easy to wear.

Its most common style is this

Round neck

It looks very common,

Need to match the top floor

It will be more exciting.


I personally recommend the style is a collar.

Like this lapel

The establishment of the collar, there is a feeling similar to the jacket jacket, and the eye is more typeless.

Match “new tide”

+ Hooded sweater

When you don’t know anything in winter, you will not be wrong.

Especially the unmocked Linger cotton clothing, it is easy to form a visual effect of “liner wear”.


Hooded sweater,


Can fill the three-dimensional feeling of cotton clothes

Let the neck space will not be empty, the most suitable do not like the crush of high-necked collar in winter.

in addition

The style can also increase the relaxed temperament

Let this retro thick dress more stylish. You have to feel that you are in this cotton clothing is not fashionable, and it is the easiest way to improve.

+ Color collar

The neck can make the simple and generous smoke pipe collar or a pile collar, observe so many wear demonstrations.

If it is a collar cotton clothing

The matching of the same color is more harmonious, it is easier to control.

For example, the same light-colored milk white, apricot, light colors, or the dark cotton clothing, the same dark line, which is more soft, and unified.

If you have anything else, you can take a hundred ~~

+ Shirt

The cotton suit, especially this kind of practice, the overlay in the shirt, is very bright,

The simple and profitable can wear a cool style in the girl. Shirts can choose thick texture in winter, warm and not bloated. Like the south, it is not particularly cold recently, so that it is basically so worn.


Of course, the colorful milk of the unmimened milk is not a shirt, but it is only necessary to pay attention to the shirt collar. If the brood is “neutral”, you can add a round neck vest sweater.

Or exchanged sweet lapel shirts with a bit radiator, it will be more suitable. This will not be violated because of the style,

As for the lower, the fashion performance is strong, and the medium-long grace cotton clothing is directly disappeared.

Pursuing comfortable temperament, loose straight pants, trousers, is also very suitable, easy to wear the street beam.

Compared with the bloated and coat of the down jacket, it can make many sisters have more “light” possibilities in the winter, and the above three are combined, basically wear the spring OK.

Ok, the above is today sharing, I like to pay attention, more fashion aesthetics and good things share, let’s see you next time