If your mud board is cool enough, will you still remove it?

I remember that more than ten years ago, the muddy board was standard for mountain cars. Even if the original car did not, the boss who bought the car would give a pair in kindness, or spent dozens of pieces to install a pair. Nowadays, not many people will install mud boards on love cars, because this will be greatly reduced in appearance. So is there no need to exist?


In addition to the usual commute car retaining the muddy board, many bicycle manufacturers have understood that the muddy board really does not need to exist for riders who love to play cars. First, the appearance of the mud board really makes many riders discouraged; second, there are many cars now, and the compatibility of the mud board is not very ideal. Many cars can only be fixed by tie. It is indeed a bit tedious when installing; the third point is also the most important point. Many riders often choose better weather and routes to ride. The road is not at all, and it doesn’t care how much dirt splashes itself. On the contrary, it is even more happy (a bit like a 3,4 -year -old child who wants to step on the stagnation on the ground).

Then if there are several good -looking mud boards, I think there will still be a lot of riders. Let me introduce you to several mud boards:

Mudhugger from Mudguard


RRP Enduroguard

Mudhugger Rear Mudguard

CyCraguard Rear Mudguard

These mud boards are priced at ranging from 7, 80 to one or two hundred yuan

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