“People in the World” finally opened, 8.1.

The word of mouth is not counted. The episode is really hot. The ratings have continued to break through 2. It refreshed the TV series of CCTV1 in the past three years, and it is even expected to continue to challenge the historical championship.


The popularity of the ratings is not counted. This time when I thought it was the love of my parents’ love, it has been the first in the whole network for 19 consecutive days. After the family has appeared in 00 Essence


Both the episodes and acting skills have been discussed. Today I want to talk about another magical point of the play: the actresses in the play have almost all the face and light makeup, but in recent years Under the camera, the actresses were exaggerated by the audience.

Compared with Huang Xiaolei, Sui Junbo, and Sirina at the Lantern Festival, they can find that modern actresses can be said to have changed in the play.

But the actresses after entering the theater are good at the state or the shining naturally, and they are so beautiful that people are not eye -catching.

The girls naturally carved, and many middle -aged actresses were also beautiful. Other domestic dramas desperately used filters to cover the passage of time on the actors, but the imprint of time in this drama added color to the actresses.


After the combination of years with their own atmosphere, it becomes a remarkable characteristic. Beauty is not impeccable, but is beautiful.

Compared with many national dramas, the beauty of the face is like an industrialized beauty. The actresses of “The World” make the beauty recognize and agile.


In the end, those real faces always have regrets, but they do not prevent them from being beautiful in the hearts of the audience.

It turned out that acting was the strongest face value filter.


9. Xu Baihui (plays Yu Hong)


The 39 -year -old Xu Baihui has a beauty of “no eyebrows”. She is both sexy, cold, rigid and soft, and the aura can be quite powerful.

She plays Yu Hong, there are not many plays, but she is vivid and natural enough, and she is also cute. In the play, the cuteness of the female characters is definitely the top five.


She treated her friendship and was sweet and real with her husband. As an apprentice of Chunyan, Chunyan helped her when she was down.

Xu Baihui has a black and beautiful hair, with smooth face lines, full forehead, and soft affinity, but a pair of eyes with a girl’s coquettishness and sweetness.


Although the character is hard, there is light in the eyes, very affinity, no aggressive, and a hearty person is lifted vivid.

Some actors are like this, they are beautiful and acting are good. Many works such as “The Moon Biography” and “Children of the Qiao Family” are not very red and not red, but each character is properly played. , It’s unforgettable. Such actors are also beautiful.

8. Fang Yueqiao (as Sun Xiaoning)

Sun Xiaoning, played by the new actor Fang Yueqiao, is disgusting in the play.


She plays the sister of the male lead Zhou Bingkun’s brother, knowing that Zhou Bingkun has a family, and she is also boldly beside Bingkun.


Fang Yueqiao’s eyes were pure and clean, like a quiet girl who came out of oil painting. However, she performed the character’s unable to die, and completely brought out the feeling of “pain” the role of “pain” in order to observe.

In the play, she looked at Bing Kun’s eyes seemingly calm, but she looked at the turbulent affection in detail.

It is worth mentioning that the actor himself is the “face value blogger”,


In the play, there are obviously no makeup, acne and acne are clearly visible, and dark circles can be seen.

Although the character is not beautiful, the actor is really beautiful.

7. Xu Xiaoyi (as Tao Junshu)

A beautiful actor who is not many but unforgettable for the audience.


Tao Junshu is a girl I met when Dong Mei was in educated youth. It was originally a rich family. Dreaming is to be a pianist. When she stepped into the villagers, she was lazy and lazy, just to protect her hands.

Xu Xiaoyu’s looks are very gentle, with a classic beauty, but modern clothes are very sturdy.

If the face is peach blossom, the lips are red and white, the eyes are tender and tender, and the most performed in the past is the drama of the age. Although the shape in the play is simple, it reveals a weak beauty. Beautiful character characteristics.

Tao Junshu’s fate was not good. He couldn’t stand the cold in the north. He was also spoiled by the leaders of the surname Dai, but the characters in the sadness raised their hands and were still elegant. The gentleness is beautiful, and the sweetness is arrogant.


She was always sour to Dongmei, but Dong Mei gave up the place to return to the city, which made her deeply moved. In the end, regardless of her reputation, she revealed the evil behavior of the leaders of the surname Dai. The most beautiful moment of characters.

6. Hu Lianxin (play Feng Yan)

Feng Yan is Zhou Rong’s daughter in the play, and she is full of girlishness who is about to overflow on the screen.


Hu Lianxin, who was admitted to the Central Academy of Drama in 2018, has a pure and sweet image and a smart girly atmosphere. It is a lot of color for Feng Yan.

Before she starred in Qi Yue in “The Ideal Life of Love” and cooperated with Yin Tao.

However, this time her role is absolutely full. It can be said that Zhou Rong, who played with Song Jia, supported most of the women who were flattering in the drama.

This character is selfish in the play, and willfulness. The girl who gives his brother to his brother is an ugly girl. I heard that the first reaction of Grandpa was “how long is it.”

Such annoying characters need to support the audience by the actor’s face value.

Hu Lianxin himself is beautiful and youthful. He is completely plainly on the battlefield, and the air bangs on the eyebrows are a big challenge, but it is rare to perform the empty hole, shallow, and beauty of the character. This shallow beauty is even better than Zheng Juan and Dongmei. The clear beauty of life is more difficult to act, and it is good acting skills to be able to perform to make the audience hate it.

But the actor himself is actually cute, exquisite eyebrows and clean faces, with two looming pear vortexes on his mouth when you laugh, showing a little girl’s charming and shy, as long as you do not play such a disgusting character, It is definitely an elegant and fresh, natural and affinity beauty.

Among the concepts of the frust -like face -like facial actress now, the small and fresh beauty has become characteristic and beautiful.


5. Huang Xiaolei (plays Qiao Chunyan)

The 41 -year -old Huang Xiaolei played the girl Qiao Chunyan was very easy to turn over, but there was no.

The setting of Girl Chunyan in the play is a big, true tiger girl, a big red jacket in the first half, two thick twist braids, which looks very festive, but Su Yan is also easy to expose the fatigue of the actor’s fatigue. Essence

Fortunately, Huang Xiaolei supported the face value with the spirit of the character. The eyebrows were dark and green, the eyes were bright and pure, the smile was bright and brilliant, and there was a charming dimple. The whole person was beautiful and charming.

Huang Xiaolei performed the person’s spicy machine sensitative, playful and cute, and Chunyan enthusiastically went up to confess to Bingkun for three days. Natural acting skills set the kind of counseling and kindness of Lei Jiayin’s acting. More interesting.


Many chasing audiences think that Huang Xiaolei is from the Northeast. In fact, she is a standard Chongqing girl.

In the past, she played the three daughter -in -law of Zhu Kaishan in “Broken Guardians”. She played the underworld sister in Ninghao’s movies. She played the giant sister in “The Trouble of the People”. She was full of wild beauty and spicy. Makes people think of the year and month when she is a football girl.

However, in the play, she performed a change from playful to dignified atmosphere, and occasionally showed a few vicissitudes in the later period.

The director of the whole drama was not given a bit at all, but the audience could feel the beauty of Chunyan, which proved that Huang Xiaolei was an underestimated actor.

4. Song Jia (playing Zhou Rong)

Song Jia has always been praised as the goddess of temperament, and her face in the play is also very durable. It is a type that looks better and better. The whole person’s nose is straight, the eye sockets are deep, and it looks aggressive.


At the beginning of this character, regardless of the opposition of the family, she sneaked away from the house, abandoned her loved ones, and followed love; because her family was caught, paralyzed, and she waited for everything to return to her mother’s house in the future. I lived with Feng Huacheng back to the hotel, and let go of the old mother to ignore it.

She has a successful career and a happy marriage. Behind her loved ones, she is taken for granted. In the end, Cai Xiaoguang gave her the bottom.

The character of this character is really annoying, and the best place to perform in the whole drama of Song Jia is that there is no hate to avoid the role. The real human nature is sometimes annoying, but this is the world.

Song Jia’s beauty has completed a good blessing for the role. She is in heroic, her eyes is clear and resolute, and her beauty is particularly different, because this face audience barely accepts Cai Xiaoguang’s half -life of Zhou Rong.

Many people summarize Zhou Rong’s life as an independent woman, but I prefer to call it self -interest. But selfish people also have fragile moments.

When Feng Huacheng betrayed her anger, her anger was passed out calmly, but with the “resentment” of textbook levels. Pain, remorse, and lack of love, but the audience still hurts this role.

Song Jia’s most beautiful moment in the play is a few crying scenes. Tears can express their increasingly complicated emotions. After watching the mixed flavors, people also forget the disgust of the role in a moment. Zhou Rong, who was disappointed, had a broken beauty.


3. Ma Fanding (playing the young man Zhou Rong)

I don’t know how many viewers, like me, sighing very few girls Zhou Rong.


Ma Faving, who plays the girl Zhou Rong, is a native of Changchun, Jilin. He is currently studying at the Department of Drama Education of the Central Academy of Drama. The drama shows the talent and aura.

Ma Fanding’s eyebrows, Zhou Zheng, have a beautiful face, a pair of big eyes, look particularly aura. The whole person does not apply the pink daisy, and it is naturally carved, but it brings out the unique rustic and purity of the girls in the 1970s. It is a bit naive to match the pure beauty, which is completely in line with the setting of the “first beauty of the light”.

This Zhou Rong can let the audience understand what Cai Xiaoguang is really intoxicated.

The disadvantage is that the little actor is too beautiful, and also plays the girl Zhou Rong too beautifully. The calmness and generosity of the character are so admirable that they have formed a huge fracture.

Can I believe that the family was sent to her father or the older brother to give chess first, and a word of the wise girl who solved the problem in one sentence, and the later Zhou Rong of the poetry of Feng poet was alone?

Next, the little actor will also play a role in the “Honor of the Police”. My judgment on the little actor will have four words in the future: the future is countless.

Zhou Rong is hours old, and there may not be a great tragedy, and it should not continue on the actor.


2. Sui Junbo (playing Dongmei)

Sui Junbo is really shining this time!

Who can think of this actress who is now praised by the entire network, at the end of last year, she also encountered a full network of Pei Nanwei for playing Pei Nanwei in “Snow in Snow”. It can be seen how important actors and characters are.


Seeing 43 -year -old Sui Junbo wearing a pair of ponytails, wearing thick cotton jackets, gentle face, clear eyes and clear eyes, Shui Yingying appeared in the countryside in the play, I said in my heart: Yes, gentle, seeing people, people, people, people, Not humble, this is the role of Sui Junbo.


Sui Junbo’s first love is Jin Dong. Xiaoyu in “Give Me A Smoking” is a real first love face. At the age of 34, she is a mother of 8 -year -old children. Unlike many hot moms, she is sexy and sexy. Sui Junbo The beauty is implicit and pure.


After finding the right role, Sui Junbo’s beauty bloomed with the character. The young Hao Dongmei did not have the sense of violation of the slightest, and it looked full of vitality and temperament. Sui Junbo has a long face with edges and corners on her face, but her cheeks are full and gentle temperament. Essence

With the increase of age, her greenness faded away, with a kind of light, elegant beauty, and still charming.


She and Zhou Bingyi in the play, regardless of the peak trials, did not give up. In order to be anxious to have her mother in order to be in the Bingyi family, they said something unpleasant. As a result, she ate Song Chunli’s mother. I see pity.


When playing “The Swords in the Snow” was spit, the audience said that she was old. As a result, 43 -year -old Sui Junbo appeared in the play almost in the play, but it became the uncle goddess in the hearts of the audience. Beautiful.

As an actor, Sui Junbo was fully expressive in front of the camera, and she was so beautiful in her life. The years did not leave traces on her skin.

After watching the two shows brought different face -to -face evaluations, I feel that good actors can choose the right interpretation to move the audience. The beauty depends on perception.


The new generation of beauty stars compete for the first beauty with them, and cover up all the flaws by filter. It is better to choose a character to make the real beauty bloom.

1. Yin Tao (as Zheng Juan)


Yin Tao’s beauty lineup in this drama is the same existence of the sea god needle, and is the most popular peony in the flowers. In the whole play, she is so beautiful and bright and charming, and will not be compared with any role. Really God.

In the play, Zheng Juan, who played laughter and suffering, “calmed” Bingkun Kun as soon as she appeared.

She did not wear trousers to appear on the string of sugar gourds on the cymbal, which is a textbook with a beautiful role. With a slightly messy twist braid, it is just right for staring, gaze, and panic.

The audience can understand why Bingkun can see the whole person.

Small cherry mouth, a pair of small dimples, eyes are affectionate, and if the skin is condensed, it is only part of Zheng Juanmei.


As the saying goes, “Beauty is not in the bone”, the basis of the bone phase is the facial features, the core is the eyes. Yin Tao has a pair of touching eyes and purple smoke, especially at the moment of raising the eyes. Thinking of at this time, she was 42 years old.

The warm yellow tone was placed with a circle of golden halo, and the audience’s heart was hooked at once.

Yin Tao really performed the beauty of different scenes.


Zheng Juan, who was bold to confess in Bingkun, has the affection of a decisiveness, coquettishness, and a mature woman in Huaichun, but it is not the stupidity of a girl, but bravely expressing it. Even if the fiance was sentenced to killing, she became a “widow” with her child. There was an old mother and a blind brother who needed to take care of them. It has a strong vitality.


Speaking of a large line of straight lines, that look is still moving enough, sometimes sultry, sometimes perseverance, sometimes sincere, very textured. Acting skills are the best points of face value.


As the fate of the character continues to change, Bingkun is imprisoned, and the charm of Zheng Juan’s body increases with age. Yin Tao has continuously released the character to face the charm of mature and calm in the face of years, and still makes people hit and move.

The two contradictory style of slender and Fengyun, the unsatisfactory girlish look of mature women, exists at the same time but does not contrary to reconnaissance, but has become a special charm.

Later, Zhou Bingkun went to jail. She took care of a big family after she was busy, but the whole person did not frown. Behind the beauty is the actor’s understanding of the role. Zheng Juan’s fate is sad, but this character is stiff to the end.


Yin Tao is an actor from a military -speaking background. After her debut, she filmed Gao Xixi’s four dramas. In “The Sky of History”, she was the real Bai Yueguang, and the acting “Yang Guifei” was controversial.


But once I encountered a suitable role, the acting skills and face value after the magnificent view also broke out. She fully performed the persistence of Zheng Juan’s unconvinced fate, as if the beautiful wild lily, even if she experienced suffering, still still experienced suffering. The fragrant fragrant is beautiful.


Although Zheng Juan was a ordinary woman, Yin Tao gave the character outside the fireworks, and eventually glowed this character.


After watching the Luo Yuzhu of “Flying to the Heaven” she played, she will lament that the good actors are really thousands of people.

If the two characters are beautiful, they will appreciate the goodness, no matter what age, no matter what age, everyone will enlarge the beauty of the character.

Conclusion: Good drama never undefeated beauty


Looking back, domestic dramas are changing, aesthetic is changing, but the standards for beauty have never changed.


A major feature of “The World” is to pay attention to truth and close to reality. The actors are dressed in dresses in the world.


The clothing in the play is low -key and textured. Unlike many big productions now, although the crew is rich, the play is all distorted. The costume drama is a photo studio photo. The actresses of the age drama are painted with thick eyeshadows, and the makeup is really tacky.


The beauty in “The World” is unforgettable because they reflect the best side of the actresses of the age. Each actress has a natural and fresh appearance. Their beauty is very real, and has vivid and accurate acting skills.

Compared with the seemingly perfect face and big eyes, the audience’s favorite is always a natural style without adulteration. Mingyan or simple, beautiful or beautiful, any kind of beauty can become self -made and moving people’s hearts.

Against the background of high -quality works, the beauties also bid for their characters.

In the final analysis, in addition to the natural beauty of actresses, with a vivid and powerful role to bless, we can create this “story with a story”. The collision of beauty and characters can become an eternal memory.


The acting skills make the real actor, with a lot of beauty.


Conversely, there is no beauty who sets off the acting skills. The natural downgrade in the work is empty and plastic.

“The World” shows morality and responsibility, expressing his feelings and enthusiasm, and also compiled the coolness of human nature, the complexity of affection, the long -lasting friendship, and not completely beautiful in the world.

Because of the complexity of this complexity, the beauty of the actress in the play is also richer.

The beauty of this drama actress, Zi Ziqian, also told the latecomers that there is no soul with filter and semi -permanent makeup. The beauty of a good actor is fixed in the role, so that it can be glorious for a long time.

The beauty of “The World” is to portray the world’s hundreds of state, real stories, real characters, and the audience’s perception from the play, everything is so beautiful, “love like fire, and the world is worth it.”