Lamb coat is a item that many girls use in winter matching. The lamb cashmere jacket is similar to that of the down jacket, and there is no thickness and fluffy feeling of down jackets. Therefore The young ladies and sisters, the wealthy daughter -in -law Huang Shengyi wore a purple lamb cashmere jacket with a small black pants to walk the airport, showing the correct demonstration of the lamb cashmere jacket.

Huang Shengyi’s styling analysis:


Lambsca jacket -comfortable and warmth

Huang Shengyi is really good to wear. Wearing a purple lambsca jacket with small black pants, the ocean is reduced. Huang Shengyi wore a purple lamb cashmere jacket in the upper body. The comfort and age -reducing effect of furry fabric design were very good. You can also use furry fabric design to highlight the practicality of warmth. It is a very typical single product with a very typical sense of fashion and practicality.


Light purple design -increase romantic atmosphere

This lamb cashmere jacket uses light purple in color design to present the romance and elegance in French style. For middle -aged women, this romantic and elegant light purple feels very refreshing, and at the same time Very durable.

Panpan tight -wear out of the calf legs

Huang Shengyi uses the tight matching method of upper Panasonic on the body design to show a contrasting effect. The loose lambskin outer jacket on the upper body can be warm on the body and can ensure the comfort. Black pants show superior small legs through a moderate sense of outline.

Color combination of light and dark combination


In the color matching of the body, you can use the basic color matching to wear a visual harmony. Of course, if you have a strong control ability for color, you can also try to use the color matching method of light and dark to present more to present more more. The more pleasing dynamic, the bright color system of the upper body with the lower half of the small black pants, both gentle and romantic, can wear black simple and low -key.


Blue baseball cap -increase fashion


Huang Shengyi is paired with a blue baseball cap on his head. For ordinary people, the combination of romantic and elegant purple and cold wind is usually not easy to control. This belongs to two very typical different styles of different styles. Color, it is easy to appear too seriously when matched, but it looks fashionable on Huang Shengyi.

Analysis of other styling of Huang Shengyi:


Denim jacket+personalized jeans

The color -matching denim jacket is paired with jeans of the same color, and the harmony of a denim fabric is very strong, but this jeans worn by Huang Shengyi is very unique in style design. The design method shows a distinctive sense of design, which looks dazzling, but this design method is easy to look short, and most people are not easy to control.

Denim jacket+lush pants

The boyfriend’s denim jacket with high -waisted lush pants, showing a lazy and casual matching effect on the style matching. The lower body is matched with the basic gray velvet lush pants to wear a casual and comfortable feeling.

Short down jacket+high -waisted flared pants

When wearing down jackets in winter, if you are not very afraid of cold, you can choose a short down jacket, because the filling of the down jacket is very fluffy, so it can be easily seen that the whole person looks very stout. If you are stout, you can use the short version to reduce the thickness. The lower body is paired with high -waisted flared pants, which can not only be lifted on the waistline, but also can extend the leg shape through the design of the horn leg.


Huang Shengyi is also well maintained. It looks fashionable and stylish when going out on the street. It doesn’t look like the mother of two children.


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