Hello everyone, I am a brand brother.

At the end of 21 years, the “Hermès in the down jacket” Canadian goose was in China again, but this time it was a turning over, and the “Goose” finally revealed the long -lost “duck” buttocks.

First of all, false propaganda was fined 450,000 yuan by the Huangpu District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Huangpu District, and decided to search for the book on the fire due to textbook -like punishment; Send myself on the cusp at a time.

Speaking ofism in his mouth, full of business in his back.

In this issue, let’s take a look at the light of the maple leaf national brand, the polar cold anti -down experts, the true · True Wude, the true wallet incineration stove, the Canadian I am so expensive, how did you plan a one Marketing metaphysics in the history of world clothing, selling an ordinary down jacket to a sky -high price? And the story of the big goose harvested the IQ tax in China.


In 1957, when the goose was founded, it was just a small civilian family workshop, which was not stained with luxury goods.

The earliest only produced wool vests, raincoats and snow clothes. At that time, the name was Metro Sportswear (Metropolitan Sports Clothing). By the 1970s, the son -in -law of the founder Sam Tick developed a machine that can automatically fill the down jacket before starting to produce before production. The down jacket provides work clothes for the special types of national security guards, forest guards, and environmental monitor of Canada in the 1980s, so that they can still perform tasks in extreme temperatures and snow.

U1S1 is professional in the case of cold resistance.

But until the mid -1990s, it did not have its own store, and it was just a sloppy brand.

Later, how did it change from a “earth geese” and turned into a down jacket for 4,000 yuan, and tens of thousands of yuan of hot tide cards and “golden goose” for installation X?

The story also starts with Dani Reiss, the head of the founder Sam Tick, the head of the three generations.

In 1996, Dani graduated from the University of Toronto and received a British literature degree.


At that time, he was not very interested in the work of family business. He wanted to be a young literary and artistic young man.


Once, while visiting Stockmore in Sweden, he found that his clothes and luxury brands such as Gucci and Prada were put together. Before that, he never thought of defining his own down jacket as luxury goods.


In addition, he also found that members of the Swedish royal family and local people like to wear, regardless of men and women.


This made Dani, who had no intention of inheriting the family business, to see the daily market prospects of functional clothing.

There is a good “money”, and what bicycle is needed.

In 2001, he gave up the path of literature and officially stepped into the business community and replaced his father to become the president and CEO, and he also became a key figure for the rise of the big goose.


At that time, he gifted several directions:

Use only Canada Goose as a brand;

Made in Canada, which adheres to the “original flavor”;

Develop women’s clothing production line.

Dani is different from his grandfather and father’s pattern. He is very business -minded. The first thing he came from was to decisively change the original Snow Goose brand to the Canada Goose brand. It is determined that Canadian geese will also become unique Canadian specialties like Japanese white lover chocolate, Nordic furniture design, and Swiss senior watches;

In addition, Dani is very clear that Canada is located in the southern edge of the Arctic. The winter climate is cold and long for nearly half a year. It has high requirements for keeping warm clothes. It is renamed Canadian geese to emphasize the origin of the origin. The warm effect of the down jacket made should be very powerful.

In order to strengthen the “Canadian specialty”, the big geese said that all their fabrics and down materials include a series of production, tailoring, and sewing, and they always adhere to 100%of Canada.

Although the cost is more expensive to operate this, it can ensure the “authentic flavor” of each big goose to the greatest extent.

He believes that this can make the big goose sell a good price, and the brand premium will make the cost back in minutes. In fact, as he expected.


I also said before that Dani saw the daily market prospects of the big goose, and to break through this point, it is necessary to be in line with fashion, designing the original bloated and obese, the silly goose as a fashionable and foreign spirit. The ladies and sisters love The style of wearing.

Therefore, he also increased the women’s clothing production line, and the design of the big goose also changed from pure workers to simple and fashionable.


Of course, reforms and reforms cannot be lost. In this regard, Big Goose worked hard to pack its own professional outdoor cold brand settings.

A high -end down jacket must have its own cold resistance standards. In order to reflect their professionalism, they “let the facts speak” directly in the extremely cold weather. Low temperature at minus 30 degrees.

(Picture source: Liang Ran)

At the same time, it also engaged in a very recognizable identity authentication — embroidery sleeve, which uses the outline of the Arctic, and this red and blue logo has also become a secret code that everyone is unprepared in the future.

In fact, since the 1980s, Big Goose has been packaging itself. The first Canadian Laurie Skreslet, Laurie Skreslet, to Mount Everest, as well as scientists at Mcmerdo station in Antarctica Wearing a cold -proof down jacket dedicated to the big goose.

In short, after a series of show operations, the big goose suddenly became

“The warmest down jacket in the world”


With the background of polar stories, professional cold resistance and fashion DNA, it began to restrict the capacity of production capacity. It operates its entirety like a luxury brand. It’s really down.

There is a slogan in the big goose,

“If this down jacket can’t satisfy your down jacket in the world,”


Guide is justice.

It’s never its problem, but your problem.


In fact, professional outdoor down jackets are by no means a big goose. Similar include Columbia (Colombia), Marmot (Turkish Mouse), The North Face (north), etc. But he was snatched by the big goose.

In the final analysis, this is a goose with a “mind”.

For example, the British 007 series, and the X -Men series in the United States, some actors wearing big goose appeared;

The Beckham family is also a loyalty of the big goose.


Even Putin’s emperor failed to be free, and it became its spokesperson virtually.


In short, under the promotion of marketing metaphysics, people seem to feel that there are only two kinds of down jackets in the world, one called Canadian goose and one called other down jackets.

Since then, the big goose has opened up the second pulse of Ren Du and has completely mastered the wealth password.


In 2001, the annual revenue was only $ 3 million; by 2020, the revenue reached 958 million Canadian dollars, which is equivalent to 5 billion yuan.

In 2017, it was also listed at the same time in the Mi Guo and Maple Leaf Kingdom. The $ 2 billion valued from the IPO was over until the market value of more than 30 billion.

In just a few decades, no one remembered that it was a gray -faced “earth goose”.


The big goose with tens of thousands of tens of thousands of prices, wearing it on the body, you feel that the warmth on your body is not brought by down jackets, but the temperature brought by the RMB burning.


In addition, this temperature is very desperate, and the capitalist goose quickly ransacked the socialist country.

In 2017, the year when the big goose was listed, it began to get angry in China, and people who knew that the big geese suddenly became more. At that time, the news related to the big goose was indispensable.

In Canada, with the temperature nearly 10 degrees, Chinese students were robbed and they were picked out of the big geese; in the big goose flagship store in Toronto, the Chinese people directly packed the deeds of 15 big geese were passed on to a good story; Buying a big goose, the big goose just put on the shelves was always ransacked.

There was a customs officer that in 2017, the number of big geese could be tied up at the highest number of customs clearance, but after the winter entered winter in 2017, the big goose rode red dust, and the number of customs clearance was 5 times that of the mouth. There are many.

Of course, there are also Ma Yun’s waves.

In 2017, he wore the same big goose at least twice in important occasions. Once he saw Trump in the United States at the beginning of the month, and one was shopping in Wuzhen in December after December.

Interestingly, some media also pointed out that he was wearing a women’s clothing.

The content of this report immediately caused huge discussions on the Internet. Netizens were curious about let Ma Yun put on women’s down jackets.

Subsequently, under the exposure of a lot of domestic stars, the big goose was completely on fire and occupied the streets of China at the fastest speed. At that time, some netizens teased: On the subway leading to West Erqi, you can see at least 6 geese in the carriage limited to 247 people.

The crazy goose in China is beyond the imagination of most people.


In 2018, he entered the Chinese market, and the big goose, who has always been well versed in marketing metaphysics, has attacked some of the characteristics of some people.

On the one hand, it is declared that 100%of Canada is made and will never be discounted. On the other hand, selling down jackets to sky-high prices, and maintaining a price increase of 10-17%per year, and invisibly hit some Chinese “expensive vanity”.

In December of the same year, the Huawei Meng Wanzhou incident broke out. The big goose was resisted by the Chinese people. The opening time of the new store was delayed, and the market value evaporated more than 10 billion yuan.

However, this tension atmosphere did not make the big geese’s expansion plan in the Chinese market.

The Huawei incident was behind, and as a result, on the first day of the New Year’s Day holiday in 2019, the first big goose store in Taikooli, Sanlitun, Sanlitun, Beijing opened.

At a temperature of more than ten degrees outdoors, the queue people are still enthusiastic, not discounted, no promotion, and they are still worried about selling.

Many people line up for an hour, and even before the store door is touched, they were told that they were sold out of stock, and there was no price increase.

Earlier this year, the spectacular scene of the people in the Shanghai people lined up to buy big goose also went on the hot search. In the cold wind, it was 1 to 3 hours before entering the store.

Today, China has become the world’s largest market in the world, with more than 15 stores, and its number of stores in Canada is 9, and the United States is 5.


In China, as long as you dare to open me, you dare to collect all the bills, people can buy tens of thousands of big geese in the same way like buying cabbage. These people will have a big goose as the glory of life as a net worth. Measure the unit.


On the cold winter, wearing a big goose is no less than wearing a big mink in the northeast, so it not only has the heating attributes, but also social attributes.

In this way, “one step and one north, three steps and one big goose”, goose is in a bad street in the country, and can’t help but make people feel that the national GDP has improved.

But thinking about it, follow the laws of the past: purchasing, fake goods, the geese you see on the street are not necessarily the Canadian goose. It may be Putian Goose, Baoding Goose, and Jiaping Goose.


A financial blogger Kerry K. Taylor randomly interviewed passersby on the street and asked them why they liked big geese.

She summarized a few reasons to be mentioned the most: the fourth ranking turned out to be:

“Because this is not a” cheap goods “from China!

It is said that the ignorance is fearless! Maybe many people don’t know that the big goose sells a down jacket to the sky -high price, which can be called the “marketing metaphysics” in the history of the world’s clothing. To put it plainly, it is actually a thorough “Big Smooth Goose”.

Next, the brand brother will take your friends to see, how does “Big Switch Goose” harvested the IQ tax of Chinese people?

Take the Great Goose recently punished by relevant national departments and spent 450,000 yuan for a large -scale down jacket knowledge popular science for the Chinese people. Goose is true.

But in fact, the truth that is even more facing is that most of the down production of Canadian goose actually comes from China! What is even more uncomfortable is that although every down jacket on the market may include Chinese down, few brands will use this as a selling point.

In this administrative penalty decision, we can see a saying: “Canada Goose” brand down clothing is filled with mixed materials, all purchased from Canada down suppliers Feather Industries Canada.

As a result, driven by curiosity, I opened the company’s website on the Internet and found that the Canadian down was boasted above, called “our most proud product”.

Later, in the “product” column, they said that they were down from the “global supplier”.

▲ Figure: Feather Industries Canada

Then, I saw a row of words in a secret place in this column in FAQ. Canadian down Industry Corporation introduced most of its down “from the East”, accounting for about 50%of global supply.


This almost didn’t write the word “China” on the head.

As we all know, China is a big country in the world. The output accounts for about 80%of the global down industry’s market share, and the down processing capacity and process level are also at the world’s advanced level.


Therefore, it can be determined that the big goose is covering up a basic fact in some publicity activities:

Its suppliers come from the world, but some come from China.


To speak, Canadian down industry companies are one of the suppliers of big geese. They acquire duck hair and goose hair from China, including the world, and they will be sorted and identified, and then they are supplied to big geese.

Now we only need to confirm whether the supplier of Canadian down industrial companies has a manufacturer from China.


What I can find from the Internet is that the supplies to ship from Shenzhen to North America are basically one month a month. The recipients are Canadian down industrial companies. Essence

And the official website of China’s down information happens to be introduced to the He Long Mao Factory:

The factory is all over the world, and has mastered the main output of the world’s top down down down of Iceland Yan Duck, Canadian white goose down feathers.

At this point, it is not difficult to conclude that China’s down factory is one of the supply chains of big geese.

Therefore, we can also say that the wool of the big goose may be on the supply chain with the meat on your dining table. Maybe you buy a down jacket from Europe and the United States, maybe the down is Made in China.

However, some people are born with bones and cannot be straightforward. A netizen in Canada said that in the 140km / s strong wind and Blizzard, big geese can hang domestic down jackets.

Good guy, 140km/s is equivalent to 0.000467, the Rockets are 7.6-10.8km per second, while the third speed of the universe (the speed of the sun) is 16.7km/s.


Maybe in his eyes, you can walk the galaxy with a big goose.

Interestingly, there were testing agencies to find that a fake geese selling for about 1,000 yuan in Zhejiang, a solid degree of down fluffy and material workmanship, is actually better than the big goose that costs more than 10,000.

Therefore, here may wish to talk about it. Although we do not advocate fake goods, everyone must be confident in Chinese goods. The era of more a round foreign moon has long been gone.

To this day, among the most people’s cognition, the North and South Pole is the coldest place on the earth. Big Goose uses this. Back books are nothing more than trying to declare how powerful their warmth is.


But in fact, the polar temperature is not as cold as everyone thinks.

Taking the Great Goose sponsored Mago Mcmerdo Station as an example.

Data source: https://web.archive.org/web/20101009114203/

It can be seen from the figure that the average annual temperature of McMolo Station was -16.9 ° C throughout the year, and the coldest month reached -31.8 ° C, while the average daily temperature of Mohe in my country reached -36 ° C.

Aside from these big goose’s show operations, everyone may now know that the warmth of the down jacket mainly depends on the three factors: fluffy, charging volume and velvet content.


Generally speaking, the fluffyness is above 600 or more with a velvet content of more than 80%, which can achieve the basic warmth effect; the fluffyness is more than 700 or more with a fluff content of 90%, which is standard for high -quality down jackets.


Of course, the most important factor in determining whether a down jacket is warm is to charge the volume. The amount of the charging volume represents the industry’s conscience of down jacket manufacturers.

For example, the short down jacket of the Boshi Dengji cold series, with a velvet content of 90%, a charging volume of 203g, priced at 1699 yuan; Diste’s short down jacket, 90%of the velvet content, 234g charging, priced at 2390 yuan for 2390 yuan Essence

The so -called “excellent and most warm” down jackets, except for several high -end products, most of the big goose are 625 piains, which are low -end entry -level levels, and about 16.8%are filled with goose down. %, Still ordinary duck down.

What is a fucking surprise! -The Canadian goose you bought is clearly a Canadian duck!

In November this year, Big Goose chose China, as its starting place for its marching shoe market, with a minimum of 6100 and a maximum of 10800, all of which were sold out.


What is even more outrageous is that the three new pricing launched by Big Goose is 600 yuan, 800 yuan, and 1,000 yuan, which are actually snatched out of stock. To be honest, I am embarrassed to call this IQ tax. The statement of high emotional quotient should be called a brand premium.

But this time the big geese did not lie, and it was frankly explained that the effect of these three masks on epidemic prevention was 0, so what it said was “strong protection”, I can only understand it Protecting people.

So what exactly supports the “decentness” of this thousand yuan mask?

There is only one answer: the big goose is intimately placed in the most conspicuous position.

In other words, the big goose sells for a trademark, and dares to pricing 1,000 masks, just to see that someone is willing to pay for vanity.


On November 10th, the Economic Daily released an article entitled “Don’t Let Vanity Stand -Troubled Consumption.”

The article pointed out that under the market economy conditions, companies can pricing independently and high luxury premiums are the threshold for the brand’s accumulation for many years.

Just like a bag, it can only sell dozens of yuan in Yiwu, but Hermes can sell tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of yuan. At this point, domestic brands really have to catch up.

It is not to say that you have to sell high prices, but to use products and services to create brand influence, so that the market will gradually recognize the value you deserve.


At present, many domestic down jacket brands are touched by the “goose” crossing the river and started to be high -end. The process of a high -end down jacket is the process of continuous “goose”.


For example, the first duck and ducks that produce the first down jacket in China have always followed the low -end route. The main consumers are mainly middle -aged and elderly people. In the past few years, in order to get rid of the smell of earth, they have done a lot of movements, but they all look. Like the big goose god.


Bosideng, which has global sales first and sales first, also has scholarships. Polar scientific research, designer cooperation, fashion week catwalk, sky -high high -end model, star endorsement, marketing essence is the same.

However, the real “light of domestic goods” is not in the price or other external forms to follow the trend of international brands, but it is considered high -end, but to have first -class product power and brand power, so as Essence In the final analysis, we can’t get a Chinese geese that can really match the big goose.



In recent years, many foreign brands that have taken high -end routes in China have fallen into the vortex of consumer fraud.


According to the company’s investigation data, this list includes Chanel, LV, FENDI, Prada, Apple, Lego, Dior, etc., charged in the second time, fake truth, false advertisements, violated the regulations on the price bid.

Among them, LV was fined 200,000 yuan for false advertisements, DIOR was fined 57,600 yuan for the quality of more than 6,000 yuan in T -shirts. Chanel was fined 210,000 yuan for the second time. ZARA was fined 240,000 yuan … Mowing

Rejects completely statistics, the number of penalties is as high as 185 times.

These sought -after brands cannot even guarantee basic quality. Why are there many people being cut as “sweet and like”?


There is a commodity in economics called Veblen Good, also known as “showing off money”, which is characterized by the higher the price, the higher the sales volume. It allows consumers to get “social and psychological satisfaction”, satisfy their vanity and sense of superiority, and show off wealth and status.

In many society, “success” and “rich” are the cultural value and ideals that people have dreamed of, but “success” is invisible. You must use some things to make it shape, physical, and visualized, such as LV and Hermes These vectors of big geese.

The high prices of these luxury goods naturally contribute to the expression of this symbolic significance, and the blessing of the celebrities of power and wealth has more injecting symbolic significance such as “noble”, “rich”, “fashion”, and “superior”.

Baltricia said that they consume not only the goods itself, but also the symbolic significance represented by the goods. As if having them, they have all gorgeous and beautiful.

The CEO Dani of the Big Goose also said: “Most people will never drive Land Rover to off -road, but knowing that this car has such performance, they have satisfied them. This is what people want.”

This is why Apple 145’s screen cloth, Starbucks 399 self -service, and goose 1000 masks are frequently scolded IQ taxes, and each time it can successfully cut a wave of leek.

In the end I expressed some personal views.

The so -called “IQ Tax” is actually vanity, which is the so -called tall top of face support.

The high society in ancient Rome needs purple silk, and European monarchs need Chinese porcelain. In strict sense, these things are prepared for the small group of people between the gold tower. The “IQ Tax” that appears now is because a large number of middle class has also rushed in to chase luxury goods that do not match their financial resources. This makes most people think that these people’s brains are Watt.

Especially for masks and the like, it does not have too high technological content. It is only because of the blessing of big names. It can be marked with thousands of times the premium. You silly.

Since the 40 years of reform and opening up, China has moved from one poor and two white to a great rejuvenation. It has become a second largest economy in the world. The people have a wealthy life. What to show your richness.

From the current point of view, we are almost rich in material prosperity, but it takes a while to be mentally rich. When we are really mentally rich, I am fully confident in ourselves. At that time At that time, it was the time when the Chinese national self -confidence and cultural confidence were truly improved.