There is no trivial matter in home improvement, especially in the part of the material concealment of engineering materials. We should not care about it. If you want to save money, you cannot save money in the concealed project. If you have any problems in the future, you will regret it. We all know that in home decoration, when the circuit wiring, the PVC flame retardant tube can not only protect the wires well, but also provides convenience for future maintenance. So, how do you know the specifications of the PVC flame retardant pipe? Do you know? Today, Emmy Ica will go with you to find out what specifications of the PVC flame retardant pipe and how we should buy.

1. How to choose PVC flame retardant pipe


Look at the appearance

Under normal circumstances, a good PVC flame retardant pipe, its surface is smooth and delicate, bright, and not easy to fade without bubbles.


Reliable PVC flame retardant pipes do not have irritating odors, and their safety is high.


Test performance

For a reliable PVC flame retardant tube, its service life is long. You can also bend, burst, and crushes heavy objects without rupture. However, the PVC flame retardant pipe that does not pass the quality cannot meet the above standards, so we should pay more attention when buying.

Be environmentally friendly

Don’t ignore environmental protection issues. In the past, we were buying PVC flame retardant pipes, and the quality was good. However, with the continuous improvement of living standards, there are also requirements for the quality of life. Now, we not only require the quality of the line tube to quality Well, it also meets the requirements of environmental protection. For irregular home improvements, home improvement pollution, especially formaldehyde and benzene, have a greater impact on the human body. In order to avoid this situation, we should also pay attention to when selecting materials.


After we introduce how to buy PVC pipes, we will introduce the common specifications of PVC pipes, so that everyone can be more clear and better.

2. Introduction to the specifications of PVC flame retardant pipelines

On the market, the specifications of the PVC flame retardant pipes that we can often see are 8mm, 16mm, 20mm, and 25mm specifications. The 8mm wire tube is used for load -bearing walls and beams. 25mm is more commonly used for sockets or indoor main line pipes.


Now everyone should have some understanding of the specifications of the PVC flame retardant pipe. In the future, when buying the PVC flame retardant pipe, you must first understand what lines are used for. Only in this way can you choose the appropriate PVC flame retardant tube.

That’s it for today’s sharing, I hope it will be helpful to you.