Diamond velvet should be surprised when you see this name. What is the fabric of diamond velvet? Today, I will bring together to understand the “noble” fabric of the diamond velvet, say the characteristics of the fabric, and then solve the difference between the diamond velvet fabrics and other fabrics that some friends want to know.

Characteristics of diamond velvet

First of all, let’s understand what the diamond velvet fabric is. Diamond velvet is the fabric that appeared in the early years. The fabric collection process is exquisite and elegant. When we listen to its name, we know that it is as good as diamonds and charming appearance. It is made of a fine -grained tissue on the knitted large round machine. The production process is very special. The raw materials used are polyester FDY80D/12F and polyester DTY100D/36F silk. The fabrics made of this fabric are freely stretched, and they also have the advantages of bright color and softness. Due to the good dyeing technology, there are many colors that can be used for clothes and toys. But diamond velvet makes people feel that it is as close as a diamond, because diamond velvet fabrics have a very obvious disadvantage, that is, there is a strange smell that is difficult to remove. It takes a long time to fade.

The difference between diamond velvet fabrics and all -cotton fabrics and diamond vents

The characteristics of diamond velvet have been introduced above. Below we introduce two other fabrics, so that everyone can compare the differences between the next three fabrics.

Diamonds and diamond velvet names are very similar, but it is a kind of woven fabric, beautiful color, dazzling as diamonds, and good feel, so it is called diamond valental Regenerative fiber. Diamonds are strictly cotton products.

Similarly, when it comes to cotton products, Xiaobian introduces the more representative products of all cotton products to give examples. The diamond velvet fabrics of all cotton fabrics. Advantages, such as the advantages of moisturizing, moisturizing, heat -resistant and alkaline, and as natural fibers, and the main ingredients are diamond velvet with polyester chemical fiber, it wears the effect, comfort, skin -friendly, and breathable than the same fabric. The diamond velvet is much better.

In summary, Xiaobian actually recommends all cotton fabrics and diamond ventors, because in daily use, they are closer to our lives, use clean and comfortable and easier to clean.