In late autumn, the temperature drops suddenly



With strong franchise advantages and word of mouth

Attracted many customers and friends with a keen sense of the market


Come and negotiate to join

Yesterday, President Weng from Fuyang, Anhui signed 5 shops

Developed vision and extraordinary


Group leader signed a photo with President Anhui Weng


Fuyang, Anhui

Economic core areas located in Anhui and Henan

Rich resources and prosperity of people’s livelihood


Zhou Baifu settled in Baodi

It will usher in a splendid prospect of a comprehensive development of the brand

Here I wish President Weng

The business is booming, the wealth is rolling

There are many domestic jewelry brands, and the industry competition is fierce

Many people ask: Why do so many people choose to join Zhou Baifu?

1. Brand image advantage

Zhou Baifu brand image spokesperson: famous movie star Zhang Xinyu

In the era when the influence of the brand determines market value, Zhou Baifu combined with his own strategic development plan. In September this year, the famous movie star Zhang Xinyu signed a spokesperson for the brand image. Zhang Xinyu’s persistence and efforts to succeed and hard work perfectly fit Zhou Baifu’s spirit of enterprise. Especially, she is full of positive energy that she married soldiers and loves love, especially in line with the emotional demands of female consumers. The signing cooperation with Zhang Xinyu has injected a new brand energy into Zhou Baifu and rejuvenated a new vitality!

2. Product advantage

Company new product launch conference


Putian Jewelry First person: Ye Xianfang

Ye Xianfang was born during the Republic of China. He studied the production technology of gold and silver jewelry for many years. He was the first person in Putian’s prestigious jewelry. He is loving, enthusiastic about public welfare, and vigorously supports local education. In the future, Zhou Baifu, as a jewelry brand that has passed on Lao Xianfang’s ingenuity artisan, will adhere to the craftsmanship of Lao Xianfang as ingenious jewelry, and while creating operating income, pay attention to talent education and give back to the society with love.

Diamond raw material procurement network is all over the world

Zhou Baifu’s own large nude stone cutting center

Zhou Baifu has always been guided by market demand, and took the lead in layout the diamond market with high -quality cut -off products, strictly control quality, and independently developed “happy marriage” and “greasy time” sets of sales. Complete and tough supply chain systems, cost -effective product positioning, large bare stone cutting center, dozens of raw material suppliers’ strength blessings, helping the terminal market sales!


3. Brand promotion advantage

With a strong union with the mainstream media, holding a jewelry exhibition, committed to promoting the Zhoubaifu jewelry brand!

4. Terminal store image advantage

Zhou Baifu is based on the purpose of “establishing the benchmark brand image of the jewelry industry and providing users with better shopping services and consumption experience”. It pays attention to market trends and consumer aesthetics. The popular platinum color, coupled with the tranquil and stable treasure blue embellishment, fits the latest positioning of the brand.

5. Market influence advantage


Zhou Baifu uses franchise stores as the market leader, vigorously develops direct stores, and signed a contractual store to form a three -in -one brand expansion model! After several years of hard work, Zhou Baifu’s market size has reached more than 500 franchise stores, 20 direct -operated stores, and sales outlets spread all over the country. The four major branches of Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, and Fujian have been established one after another to sign 15 provinces. Promote brand development with a diversified market model, and successfully entered into major cities and supermarkets!


Zhoubaifu Grand Store has covered the area


6. Advantages of franchise policy

Joining Zhou Baifu, you can enjoy free training for 5 days, free introduction of the standardized system, free construction of ERP operation background, free background operations throughout the year, free event planning throughout the year, and half a year of goods procurement. Intersection From brand authorization to the daily operation of the store, you can obtain one -stop services such as site selection, decoration design, recruitment and personnel training, goods selection, promotional activity planning, etc. The city’s nanny -type provides marketing support to help franchisees open stores easily!