In the hot summer, why do you solve the heat?

air conditioner? watermelon? ice cream?

No no no

It’s better to find a swimming pool to have a wild water battle

Wake up the fire for a whole day

I believe that last year’s CLUB G+indoor beach party will still remember

We added the theme elements in the electronic music party

No theory from construction, device, or atmosphere

It is all full of atmosphere of the indoor beach

And this time we take you to understand the real

Outdoor swimming pool beach party

2018 summer is about to pass

Maybe you have left too many parties that you shouldn’t miss

There is still a week for you to consider

If you don’t come to this party, I feel that you will be sad until next year

We will join the ZEBRA hot wave label, SHFT, Mary Daijia, love to boast

Let you bring you a unique summer escape

Go to the islands with similar people, abandon your identity and abandon the hair

Enjoy the sea breeze beach, passionate water gun wet fighting

Appreciate the bikini landscape exclusive to the summer beach

If you want to be the most unique one in this party

Facial painting rooms that belong to you may understand

Regarding wearing, we hope that everyone is the beach BOYS and the beach girl that day

Put on the most sexy swimsuit, jump the hottest Di

Don’t forget to bring a towel! You can easily be “wet” that day

The pool blends with the blue sky and blue sky of Qingshan

Beach, gazebo with beautiful scenery

Tired, pull the person you like

Holding a cup of Champagne

Den on the beach

Appreciate the beauty of the sunset, it’s worth it

There are also exclusive “private” cottages and leisure areas of DIY tents

Soft sofa pads and beach towels guarantee your comfortable experience at your spare time

Followers also have ultra -luxury VVIP packages

If you want to be the most dazzling group of people on the day

Then you must hurry up and hurry up

VVIP card seat 8888 RMB

Including Shanghai/Hangzhou 6 -person seat car round -trip delivery

Package connotation: 6 bottles of champagne+24 bottles of beer/4 bottles of Vodga+soft drink+water

Now that it is the beach party, this time we must bring you your favorite

If you are also party animal, you must have heard their name

Performance lineup


In 2018, Chace and domestic outstanding music producer HUGO jointly founded the HOWSHOOD brand. HOWSHOOD is the first House Music label in China, which is not just a platform for publishing songs. Its goal is to guide the audience to learn the original music genre and style and break the routine of dance. At the same time, digging and cultivating more excellent electronic music producers, developing and developing China’s electronic music industry, and spreading Asian music culture to the world.

Chinese Electronic Music Promotioner

C space founder

Good at Progressive Dance Music with a magnificent sense of hearing

If you are OG in Raver, then you must know him!

In 2012, she had her own unique insights with her talent for music and her style, her atmosphere and music. You can hear both the typical Techno in the post -industrial era at her scene, or you can hear her different styles such as TRAP. If you want to feel the rhythm of DJ Nancy, you’d better go to the scene to follow her festivals and dances. She has the creativity of music at the scene, which is more hot than appearance!

As a position of MC in the two -person combination Allnightr $, the overseas study background of Allnighter $ enables the group to bring the latest wave of party elements to the scene.

Claw, Virtual Riot, Malaa, Wiwek, A -‐Trak, Lost FrequenCies, Crankdat, Aazar, Moski, Mike Cervello, Kaku, Kaku, kaku, kaku, kaku,

There are many musicians such as kingchain, skellism, deXter King and Herobust!

Since 2005, DJ Ceepy has begun to DJ in his own country, and he can integrate 5 kinds of hip -hop music and dance music. In his hometown, he was often invited to his hometown and the top performances/concert performances around him. In China, he was invited to perform with the best DJ in China.

Marjory began to contact the mix at the age of 16

At the age of 17, he has a wealth of party experience and resident experience, and has become a rare trap music female DJ in China

Performing in various places, loved by Ravers in various places

Underground music with a commercial music stage, the talent different from ordinary people has made her be sought after by all PARTY ANIMALS

Benny_z (Zhou Lin Zhengxiang), the top DJ/producer of the post-90s post-90s, won the two-time Pioneer DJ contest nationwide in 2014-15

He participated in the custom party of artists such as Deng Chao, Zhou Xun, Xie Na and other artists

HiPHOP Music Brand Q.M.C Question Manufacturing Center

(Full name Question Maker Center)

The labels were established in May this year: COLINWANG, 2CI, Doublelly, Darilll, A-Boy, UGLYP! G, Kayfun, QZ, Wutian, Big Bag, camera, camera

Producer: 2Ci

It is currently the most young and most potential and most producing independent Hiphop music label in Hangzhou

Venue information

Venue info

Price fare:

Hangzhou to and from the bus ticket -60 RMB

Shanghai to and from bus ticket -98 RMB

Ticket purchase link:

Time: Saturday, September 8th

Date: Saturday, SEPTEMBER 8th

Address: Baoshou Mountain Scenic Area, Xihu District, Hangzhou City

Address: Baoshou Mountain Scenic Area, xihu district, haangzhou

Link to admission voucher: