As a chopped hand, he was poisoned by his aunt, and he kept his wrapping every day! dismantle! dismantle! Looking at the thin layers of tape, the fragile nails are always incomparable, so it is necessary to carry a convenient knife.

I have always heard that a folding knife with a credit card size can be put in the wallet, so I searched it, and finally found this product

I bought a black version, a third -party seller, a free shipping in the country, and 2 times when I bought shoes

Come to some card knife data:

Color: After black expand

Net weight: 14 g (excluding packaging) Material: polypropylene plastic handle+stainless steel blade

Folding square size: 8.6 × 5.5 × 0.2 cm (the size of the credit card can be put in the wallet for easy portable)

Sword standby status (edge ​​and dazzling)

Humanized with a security lock, the picture above is the lock state, and the picture below is the open state

The blade fixed force is mainly these 3+1 plastic columns. I bought a knife mainly to disassemble fast pieces. This intensity is quite enough.

After folding, the 5 plastic columns in the figure below are fixed with the five small holes in the figure below

Borrow a dynamic picture to show the folding method of the knife. The actual operation is quite simple, and it is done in 3 seconds

After folding, it is convenient to use, and with such a bit of BIG’s disassembly artifact, it appears

Here is a humanized design of a small block, so that the hand will not be easily scratched by the blade when it is used.

Actual thickness

The picture above shows the thickness of the plastic handle, and the thickness of the blade below is the thickness of the blade. The thickness of the blade is disassembled.

Folding size

Blade length

The shape and credit card are almost the same size

Put in the wallet (please ignore the wallet I have used for many years), you can bring a gray machine ~~~~

Finally, let’s disassemble the bag test

Easily open, no muddy water

To sum up: The workmanship of the knife shell is not very good, the plastic shell is relatively soft, and the folding is swayed by the horizontal force. The vertical force is mainly relying on the 4 plastic columns. It feels okay. I don’t know how durability is. The blade has a good hardness and sharpness. It is also sharp. There is no pressure to eat fruits.

This is the real disassembly artifact: Iain Sinclair CardSharp2 folding card knife