[Global Network Comprehensive Report] According to the British “Daily Telegraph” reported on November 26, the fashion circle is not just a big -name world. In recent years, the new designer brands have emerged, practical and fashionable, and the people are close to the people. Today, I will take stock of the top ten emerging fashion brands that are most popular and recognized by women.

1. Malone Souliers

Malone Souliers is a women’s shoes brand founded in London in 2013. It is currently operated by Malone and the executive director Roy Luwolt. Malone said: “The high heels of high heels can outline women’s feet curves, but also have the finishing touch on women’s figure. It can make women walk more elegant and sexy, and even affect the way of speaking and the whole person’s aura.”

In recent years, the “lace” women’s shoes have come back, and major brands have also launched their own lace -up shoes, and Malone Souliers is no exception. There are many types of lace -up shoes, including semi -high heels OL shoes, diced lace shoes, and sloping slippers. Flexible lace, two shoes.

2.Tre ccile

If you want to add an annotation to the “cool brand”, TRE CCILE is the best choice. TRE CCILE was founded by well -known fashion consultants, street shot tide, and her husband Kyle Robinson and designer Jemma Dyas.

The popular items owned by TRE CCILE are the loose letter T -shirts designed exclusively by fashion blogger Leandra Medine, as well as other casual styles, and any girl with dressing style can easily control.

The brand was formerly known as the French brand CCILE. CCILE is a brand founded in Paris in the 1960s in the 1960s. It is avant -garde and mostly uses animals as the product pattern. The Irish designer is also the grandmother of one of the founders of Tre Ccile. This is not difficult to understand why Tre Ccile respects French style and minimalist design.


Senso was founded by the Scarlett Mellor and Kim Mellor couples in 1980. Strictly speaking, it is not a emerging brand. But soon became the most popular shoe brand in Australia. In 2012, the three baby daughters of the Mellor and his wife were exposed for the first time in blogs and Instagram, which set off a year of fashion and trend among the Australian people. Its signature items are various high -quality, avant -garde and fashion shoes.

4. Meeli Melo

Lebanon designer Melissa Del Bono has been designing various bags in London since 2005. Advocate classic retro, non -kitsch trend. All their bags are made of Italian leather, and fashion is not new.

5. Paul Andrew

British designer Paul Andrew only launched the women’s shoes brand Paul Andrew, named after his name last year, has set off a lot of trend storms in the fashion circle. Andrew once trained for 15 years in well -known designer Calvin Klein, Alexander McQueen, and Donna Karan for 15 years. The Paul Andrew brand, which is not fashionable, is also expected.

The brand’s shoe series is also many styles -flat shoes, middle heels to “hate the sky”, and the color is also colorful. Among them, the most popular in the market is the $ 445 imitation suede OL shoes and a empty sandals with a rear.

6.Mansur Gavriel

The brand of Mansur Gavriel was revealed last year. It was a new brand just created in 2012. It aims to fill the gap between bags for high -end luxury goods and high street fashion. There are no conspicuous brand logos, and there are no fancy metal decorations, only simple signs and color -lined Tuscan leather materials, which are unique.

This series of bags is below 400 pounds.

7. Ganni

The Danish brand Ganni was founded in 2000. Although it is not young, it has accumulated super high popularity in the past year. Following the design concept of “making beautiful clothes that can make same -sex jealousy”, it is highly respected by the public on blogs and Instagram, and also brings good advertising effects and excellent reputation to the brand.

With the efforts of brand creative director Ditte ReffStrup and Design Director Tine Friis, Ganni finally grew step by step to a big name company covering clothing, shoes, and underwear today.


MOCHI is a colorful and bright fashion brand. Even if only black paranoia wears black all year round, it will be moved by its bright colors. The founder Ayah Tabari was from the Saudi capital of Lyah. He received professional fashion training in London and then founded Mochi in Dubai. The brand integrates Eastern and Western aesthetics and inspired by designers from various countries -each series is naming the city’s urban naming -fusion fashion style and classic materials. Mid -long skirts, color suits, jackets are rich in style, dazzling and charming.

9.Charlotte Simone

American ladies, Queen B prototypes Olivia Palermo and British fashionista Alexa Chung have all gone around Charlotte Simone, and the two are also gold medals of the brand. Buyers. Although the brand designer is young, it has launched the four plush shawl series in the fashion industry in 13 years. This series of shawls are both warm and noble, including two materials: fur and artificial synthesis.


Professional men’s clothing brand WANT LES Essentiels de La Vie entered the field of women’s accessories last year. Its perfect workmanship travel women’s bag series has a variety of styles and fashionable avant -garde. Including backpacks, shoulder bags, handbags, handbags, and even iPad bags, it should be said to have everything. Beautiful design and use functions are equal. (Internship Compilation: Chen Linyu Review: Zhang Xue) Editor: Xie Jinyuan