Hollow glass production process and precautions

With the development of the domestic glass processing industry and the continuous understanding of people’s understanding of the advantages of hollow glass, the application scope of hollow glass is continuously expanded. In addition to being widely used in glass curtain walls, cars, airplanes, etc., it has begun to enter ordinary. The people’s home. This is mainly because the application of hollow glass can improve the heat insulation and sound insulation effect of the building, simplifying the structural design of ventilation and heating facilities such as air conditioners, which not only reduces the cost of building decoration, but actually increases the effective and practical space in the building in the building. Essence

In recent years, as the hollow glass has been accepted by the market, sales have continued to rise, and the price has also increased very fast. Many friends want to enter the industry where hollow glass processing and production. Therefore, the content of the topic of hollow glass is not known at all. This article will take you into the world of hollow glass processing, so that you can understand how a qualified hollow glass produces it!

For friends who have just exposed to hollow glass, want to understand the production process of hollow glass. First of all, it is necessary to understand the composition of hollow glass. Any type of hollow glass has the following three parts.

1. Edge sealing system. In the current international market, there are two types of hollow glass edge sealing systems: one is the traditional cold -edge sealing system (groove aluminum), and the other is a thermal sealing system represented by the American SWIGGLE rubber bar Equipment). Because traditional aluminum -style hollow glass products have been applied for a long time in international and domestic, it is recognized by many people. The heating system has only begun to promote in China in 1997, and the products have not been widely recognized by people.

2. Space interval layer and gas. In the interval layer of the hollow glass, in order to ensure the performance of the hollow glass, the interval gas must be dry. Internal gases can be dry air, sorbe or other special gases.

3. The original glass of the hollow glass. These glass can be ordinary glass, laminated glass, sunlight control glass, and so on. Due to the different original glass used, the role and location of the hollow glass can be different. And due to different requirements, two, three or multi -layers of original glass can be used.

The production process of hollow glass

1. Glass cutting, first of all, we must cut the original glass according to the size of our hollow glass. The original glass is generally colorless floating glass or other colorful glass, coating glass, LOW-E glass, tempered glass, mezzanine glass, and glass cutting can be performed by manual or machine, but the size requirements should be guaranteed. In this process, we use cutting oil that is easy to volatile and easy to clean during the operation. Note that the glass surface must not be scratched, and the internal texture is uniformly improved.

2. Glass grinding, we must polish in strict accordance with the specifications during the grinding process. The thickness is between 4-10mm. 1mm. While the grinding operation, pay attention to observe whether the grinding wheel is running normally and whether the water spraying amount is normal.

3. Glass cleaning and drying, the glass cleaning must be clean, because artificial cleaning cannot ensure the quality of cleaning. Before cleaning, the glass must be tested without scratching. In order to ensure the adhesion and cleanliness of sealing and glass, water treatment equipment must be used. After cleaning the glass, wearing oil -free white gloves sort and pass the light inspection to test the surface of the glass on the surface of the glass, water stains and other stains. , The heating temperature, air volume, and bristles are adjusted until the effect is intact. After washing the glass, it should be assembled into hollow glass within 1 hour.

4. The assembly of aluminum-style hollow glass, the assembly temperature of the aluminum-style hollow glass should be controlled between 10-30 degrees, and the requirements for humidity are not high. The hollow glass desiccant (molecular sieve) should be used for molecular sieves with 3A aperture. The desiccant is best used up within 24 hours after opening. The sealing nature of the hollow glass must be guaranteed by the double -road sealing production process. Due to good elasticity, the two -way sealing polyethyl gum or silicone gum plays a very important auxiliary sealing, buffering and protection. The two complement each other and are indispensable. The model given by the feeding form is obtained by the qualified aluminum barrier. The wall thickness of the aluminum interval strip should be greater than 0.3mm. The aluminum strip is bent in accordance with the size of the hollow glass, and the processed aluminum barrier frame is subsequently used for the tan -optic gel coating intervals. The aluminum frame of the butyl gum should be hung on the aluminum frame to wait for the tablet to avoid oil and dust pollution. The isolation box for the molecular sieve should be synthesized within 45 minutes.

5. Two or multiple pieces of glass and interval are accurate. Align the side of the glass and perform a piece. The combined operator needs to wear clean and oil -free gloves for operation to avoid secondary pollution of glass.

6. Glass combined with pieces, the outer part of the aluminum frame and the edge of the glass after the section should have a distance of 5-7mm. When it is connected, the butyl gum is evenly exhibited on the interval bar, forming the first seal. The two -way sealing glue of the hollow glass should use a hollow glass glue machine. The hollow glass glue machine editor recommends the hollow glass glue machine produced by Tangshan Chenglin CNC Machinery Factory. The factory is the first company that has developed and sold and sells hollow glass glue machines. Factor

Hollow glass glue machine

After a special report, the hollow glass glue machine produced is not only high efficiency, good quality, and low price and high price ratio. In comparison, the pressure of the geller produced by the Tangshan Chenglin CNC Machinery Factory is continuously adjusted, and the glass seal area is evenly injected into the glass sealing area. Gun was cleaned. There must be no bubbles in the entire glue sealing process, nor can there be any colloidal residual on the surface of the glass. Each side and corners of the corners ensure smooth and perfect, and to complete the processing of aluminum bars hollow glass.

7. The placement of hollow glass, our processing and production of the large -scale hollow glass should be placed vertically in a ventilated and dry room. The correctness of the placement of hollow glass will also affect the final quality of the hollow glass. Whether it is production or transportation Or stack at the construction site first. The stacking racks should have a certain tilt, and ensure that there should be no oil stains, lime and other containers where they are in contact with hollow glass, because they will have different degrees of erosion effects on the second seal of hollow glass.

The simple description of the processing process of the entire hollow glass is the glass cut → grinding edges → cleaning and drying → boxing → filling the desiccant → painting of Pottera → upper frame → closet → sealing → curing. It seems that the process is very simple and the production of hollow glass is also very easy, but the following points should be paid attention to in our actual production operation.

1. Maintenance and preheating of various machinery and equipment, such as butyl gum coating machines, hollow glass

Glue machine

Preheating of equipment such as glass cleaning machines.

2. Check the specifications, varieties, size deviations, and flatness of the glass. The glass after cleaning should be tested by light to avoid water drops, water stains and other stain glass into the section process. The clean glass should be closed as soon as possible.

3. According to the requirements, prepare metal intervals and plug -in. The shape of the metal interval strip is not damaged, deformed, and surface clean. The amount of metal intervals dispenser is generally not less than 25 grams per delay.

4. If the use of a hollow glass glue machine is used for sealing, we do not need to fill in the amount of two sealing glue, whether the seal is fully contacted with the butyl gum and the flat edge of the glass, whether there is airway, bubbles, etc., etc. However, the glue large -time glass should be separated by slices and solidify it. It can be handled after solidification.

At this point, the entire processing process of hollow glass and some basic matters we should pay attention to in the process of processing and production of hollow glass are introduced here. Maybe the introduction in our article is not detailed. What is unclear in the glass processing machinery to contact us, we will make the biggest efforts to help you!

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