What are the conventional practices of quartz stone kitchen countertops?

Quartz stone kitchen table

When we use quartz stone as a kitchen table, what are the more popular practices now?

The simplicity and complexity of our kitchen table is actually closely related to our currently popular decoration style.

Essence Now the more popular decoration style is modern and simple, so it is relatively simple in this style of kitchen tables.

Let’s talk about it.

Hanging edge

A real thing

Hanging edge method two

Drink edge method

First of all, let’s talk about the front hanging position of the countertop.

There are generally two practices in this position.

method one

It is a 45 -degree angle directly. The second method is to make a small curved surface alone on the basis of hanging 45mm.

Two ways

It is mainly to avoid falling down the ground or floor cabinet along the table when there is water on the table. But this style of one way will be a little bit more.

Water -blocking method

Watershield 2

Water blocking method

Secondly, let’s talk about the location of the water from the wall.

There are two ways to do this position.

The first

The water blocking of the method is installed after being installed on the table, and the size of the countertop is not very high;


The method is to make an arc transitional surface between the water blocking and the table. This method needs to combine the water blocking and the countertop in the factory. Due to the unevenness of the wall tiles, there will be obvious differences between the gap between the water blocking and the wall, resulting in the beautiful seams in the later period. Therefore, there are more water blocking strips in the first way.


Counter Basin

Then let’s talk about the position of the sink.

There are generally three practices in this position. Define by the relationship between the sink and the table.

The sink is covered on the table, which is the pot that we generally say. The outer mouth of the sink is higher than the table, so that there is a very obvious gap on the countertop and the sink. This position is also a prominent position for hidden dirt, and it is not easy to flow to the water sink on the sink.

The sink and countertop are basically flat or the sink is about 1-2mm lower than the table, which is the Taichung pot that we generally say. In this way, the gap between the sink and the countertop is left on the plane. If it is beautiful, it will be much better than the first one in the later stage, and it can easily clean the water stains or stains on the table into the sink.


The sink bonding under the table is the basin of the platform we generally say. This method leaves the gap under the table, which is more convenient to clean up and beautiful. So the current method two and method three are more commonly used methods.

The cinema kitchen countertops are basically this critical position. I hope you can choose a specific countertop method in accordance with your needs.

The first


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