More than 10 million people have participated in preparations, millions of new products, 500 million red envelopes … The largest 618 in JD history has set off a wave of screening! Whether you are planning to renovate a new house, or you want to surprise your family, life adds some “materials”. This year’s 618 JD lives must not miss it! The three major business segments of home improvement, building materials, furniture, and daily home daily use, from hard loading to soft installation to quality good quality. What is even more exciting is that this year Jingdong 618 will have more than 90%of core brands released new products and millions of new products to help out. The big names in the home field also presented the first new products and special explosive products to let you create a warm love nest and upgrade Quality life, “buy” in one stop!

Home improvement and building materials: Huiwan Hundred Cities and Thousand Stores Link of Carnival Home Institute Building Materials Building Materials Explosion Goods 1 yuan

The decoration must not be a little bit tiger. I have seen the decoration strategies that avoid being pitted on the Internet. Now it is time to enter the practical stage! Come to 618 Formula and Building Materials, not only the big -name genuine quality guarantee, but also allows you to spend every penny on the blade! During the promotion period, home improvement and building materials are reduced by 50 10,000 stores every 400, which is equivalent to 3500 yuan at the original price of 4,000 yuan. In addition, the most watched Panasonic smart toilet lid was opened at 0:998 yuan on June 1st, and the A -Class Active Lights of the State of the State of the State of the State of the State of the State of the State of the State of the State of the State of the State of the State was 130 yuan. Show 599 can get to the hand, only 500 on the first June 1st, the 5 -piece set of Op’s whole house lamps is 1099 seconds. Users who are preparing to decorate can also grab a decoration service coupon of 1099 minus 500!

In the era of all things, smart home improvement home products have become the first choice for consumers. On June 1st, Bosch pushed the pull -down smart lock FU550 freshly available. This smart lock uses Bosch sensor technology with high -level anti -pile alarm and fake lock alarm system. Automatic lock, you can pay attention to the opening record in real time. On the day of listing, you can also participate in looking for super -experience official activities to grab the qualifications of 0 yuan trial; and you can get 100 electronic cat eyes in a limited quantity.

In addition to the launch of smart new products, major brands have also launched big -name special products in combination with the purchase habits of JD users. Kohler Kohler is dedicated to enjoying the flagship Qi Yueheng warm warm shower set. It uses 6 major core technologies, 10 -inch light and large top spray, five handheld water, hypoxy hydration SPA experience, high degree of free lifts, and enjoy constant temperature technology. Happy and comfortable, the deposit of 99 yuan during the pre -sale period can reach 1526 yuan. The intellectual control light luxury three -bedroom and two halls launched by Dancer Lighting include living room lights, whole house lamps, bedroom lights, balcony lights, rectangular restaurant lights. Package BOE 2299, 618 major promotion period, place an order and reduce 1,000 yuan, and then send the balcony for a limited time. lamp.

Not only buying building materials, this 618 can also buy villas in Jingdong! Everyone has a villa dream. The premium delivery price of the pension villa launched by Baojiaxiang Villa is only 599,000, which is definitely the best gift for parents. From June 1st to June 17th, the transaction will be 9.5 % off (limited quota), and three days a few days ago will give 20,000 yuan in East Eta and other limited time discounts. The old owner introduced that the new owner’s transaction can also receive a 6 -day 5 -night cruise ticket in Japan. Multi -discount is only 618!

Buying home improvement and building materials products cannot be separated from the follow -up service support for offline stores. In addition to bringing you high -cost products,’s home improvement building materials have more intimate offline services. This year’s “618 Decoration Huiwan Hundred Cities and Thousand Stores” event, covering four categories: decoration design, infrastructure materials, wall and ground materials, and full -house customization. A total of 59 well -known brands participated. A total of 4,807 stores have joined the event, forming a blasting scene of online and offline linkage of the national line. You can enjoy the preferential and high -quality services of store activities to take a privilege deposit on online.

Furniture: 6.1 Crazy two -hour spike custom big -name Sophia first square meter 1 yuan grab

Home is our warm harbor. How to dress up a high -value home? Of course it is inseparable from quality furniture. During JD 618, the furniture is minus 50 every 400, self -operated furniture is reduced by 50, some products are as low as 50 % off. Among them, on the day of the day of seconds on June 1st, a large amount of furniture products were 618, and there were limited to buy a 50 % off voucher!

In terms of new products, Jin Ke’er X black people’s joint mattress, JD 618 Galaxy will be launched! “Reunion 4” box office successor, Thor’s X Valkyrie CP is dedicated, and the masterpiece of the film “The Man in Black” on June 14 is about to be released. The man in black joined hands with the flagship store of Jinkeer in the United States, and the start of, bringing you a co -branded mattress of “Man in Black”. The guardian has never been the privilege of some people. The combination of craftsmanship creates a five -star hotel sleep system. “Man in Black” protects the world, we only protect your spine. On June 1st, the superpatient day, 1 yuan is more preferential than 618 on the day, and 2,000 yuan red envelope is waiting for you to grab!

Mr. Bang’s smart drying rack M50 new product was first issued, aluminum alloy material, light and light body, a large amount of fixed rod, the deposit was 1 yuan to 200 hot reservations, and you can also receive 200 yuan special voucher. Gift to dry gift package. Officially snatched at 0 o’clock on June 1st! In the first 10 minutes, the end payment is paid to the 100 yuan subsidy red envelope.

The official flagship store of Vatican, which was launched on May 24, brought many quality furniture such as chairs, tables, beds, tables, cabinets, sofas, etc. The new store was reduced by 900, and a limited amount of gifts were given away! Vatican Furniture has been trying to explore how to give traditional handicrafts to new design languages, strive to find the best balance between Chinese and Westernization, and make furniture that is really used for life.

In addition, there are even A home furnishings 618 yuan in Nordic European wind bed. The value of the Nordic bed is limited to grabbing, Zhihua Shi self -operated flagship big name is unlimited, 999 yuan latex spring mattress, 999 yuan first -class functional sofa is unlimited! Xihao explosion can be lifted to children to learn tables and chair suits. On June 1st, the new low in the history of the price is only 1899 yuan.

6.1 In the last two hours, the pound was added. Customized big-name Sophia from June 1st to June 18th, 500 sets of first orders of 799 yuan: 1 yuan 1 yuan (100-200 sets), 99 yuan (100 sets), 199 yuan second (100 sets). Children’s furniture and mahogany furniture also have value -for -money items. Among them, You Manjia’s Allox Timurus Solid Muzi Mother bed is limited to a limited edition. The price is 600 yuan lower than 11.11 last year. The original price of 4,599 yuan, the children’s furniture mother bed at 3399 yuan is limited to grab, the mahogany hedgehog hedgehog rosewood multifunctional tea table is 50 % off, the original price is 9400, the current price is only 4700 yuan. Jingdong Furniture 618 Carnival Ceremony, waiting for you to grab!

Home Daily: The official flagship store of the Forbidden City is exquisitely launched on a variety of home explosion products. The lowest price of the entire network

From June 1st to June 6th, the POP promotional product cross-store 2 pieces and 3 pieces of 40 % off, and self-operated promotions can receive more than 199-100, 399-200, and 799-400 yuan. Essence From now until June 20, the entire artworks of JD are as low as 39 yuan, and is 50 % off and 20 % off 2 pieces. In terms of new products, Mercury Home Textiles first launched the three new products on June 1, of which Mercury Home Textiles Beris Sini Satis Satis Set (Double 1.8m beds) with a double -sided active printing process uses a price of 489 yuan 269 ​​yuan; 80 long cotton cotton pure cotton Mercury home textile home textiles Beres whole cotton four -piece set (200x230cm) Jingdong price of 1299 yuan, the promotion price is only 799 yuan; (220x240cm) Jingdong price is 999 yuan, and the promotion price is 799 yuan. The new product can be launched in 3 seconds, 9 seconds of boiling, and the 12 -stage temperature -free choice of German Shuangli people, the hot -tone warm drinking water bar is 2288 yuan, and the promotion price is 1688 yuan. On June 1st, the new product of The Wermos and the new IP Doraemon Winning Cup BOE price of 395 yuan for the new IP of Zhu Yilong, the new price of only 365 yuan. In sincerity of the 288th anniversary of Germany, the pots of pots and stir -frying cookers are 3588 yuan, and the promotion price is only 2998 yuan.’s first Haofeng hot -selling Magnolia Fragrance Pottery Furnace+Magnolia Fragrant Pot Pot Potatopa Cooking Cooking Set is 698 yuan, the promotion price is only 598; Hessete electronic smoke mint flavor male women’s nicine salt steam cigarette AKSO AKSO once once A box of Virginia (4) JD is 128 yuan, and the promotion price is only 118 yuan. Of course, there are also many new and cool new products that will make you look open and dress your personality.

In terms of home daily explosive products, there are more than 30 products on the lowest price spike on the entire network. For example, on June 1st and June 6th, Luolai home textiles Luolai seat air -conditioning seats in summer pillowcase 1.8m beds and ice silk seats ( 180x200cm) Jingdong price is 599 yuan, and the price of seconds only costs 199 yuan. On June 1, Tiger’s stainless steel double-layer vacuum insulation cup MMW-A48C silver black KC Jingdong price was 486 yuan, and the price of seconds only cost 199 yuan. On June 1st, the day of seconds and June 16th to June 18th, the ASD gas induction cooker universal flat-bottomed frying pot was 28cm, price was 139 yuan, and the price of seconds was only 79 yuan. The Chinese and Foreign Enamel Art Museum enamel bracelet women’s narrow version of titanium steel gold-plated European and American wind bracelet B type purple BOE price 199, June 14th-June 18th, June 19, and June 19, the price of seconds only needed 99. The Cat Mi Life Cat General JD has a price of 89 yuan. From June 14th to June 18th, June 20th, the price of seconds only costs 75 yuan. Yiya drawing storage cabinet is 899 yuan, and only 428 on the day of the day of the second killing day. Netease strictly selected a multi -functional home small -scale full -body privacy chair BOE 2299, the price of seconds on June 18 is only 1699.

The official flagship store of the Forbidden City Cultural Cultural Culture, which is recently launched, also brings the exclusive customization of the aesthetics of the Forbidden City Life Aesthetics to the Forbidden City. From now until May 31, some products can receive a 10 % discount coupon for over 300, and there are many unique and good quality and good objects, such as the frameless decoration paintings of the shot of the mirror mirror, the palace royal fan, and thousands of miles. Jiangshan art folding fan, sea error book lamp, etc.

After 16 years of development, Jingdong 618 is the Global Shopping Festival, which has grown from a seedling to a towering tree. This year’s JD 618 Global Shopping Festival is even more unprecedented. It can be said that it is the largest 618 shopping carnival in history. This year, more than 10 million people in and brand companies have invested in the preparations for JD 618, and more than 90%of the core brands will release millions of new products on Jingdong 618. JD 618’s carnival will cover 750 million consumers led by! Dress -up, renew your life, and immediately lock the JD 618 home!