Detailed explanations of rail lights, types and styles, and space configurations to create perfect lights must be seen

The orbital lights that were originally used in galleries, museums and commercial places have now become a common lighting choice for many homeowners. Whether you want to create a modern beauty for your home, or turn a certain area into a dazzling corner, the track light can play its function appropriately. If you are also considering using the orbital light to encircle a flexible and personalized home, let’s take a look at this organizer first!

Use, installation, lighting, orbit lighting elasticity

The orbital lamp composed of “orbit” and “lamp” allows the lamp source to configure along the linear track, and can move the angle of the irradiation at any time according to the demand and direction. It is very convenient; and, in addition to the ceiling, even the walls and the ground can be installed; coupled with the rail lights, it can be independent, and the power control can be given. The most flexible and diverse light atmosphere environment.

Local focus on light, and the angle of irradiation is exquisite

From the dark corridor, office, to the comfortable living room, bedroom, restaurant and other home fields, in principle, rail lights are suitable for using. However, it is very different from other lamps: it can be installed in any area you want to add shiny, for example, to highlight the artworks, photos or some display cabinets you treasured. When the rail lamp is used for key lighting, in general, the number of lamps should not be planned too much. The angle of light is more comfortable at 30 to 45 degrees, which can help reduce reflected glare; in addition, you can also choose to have anti -glare honeycomb nets. Designed lamps!

Is it feasible as the main lamp? Cleaning of the orbit light

“The orbital light is engaged in the atmosphere! It is only suitable for those mini houses with small space. Generally, do you feel the same as a hundred friends? In fact, if you want to use the track light to achieve the effect of general lighting, it is okay to create a bright average light environment! The method is that the number of lamps should be more and uniformly arranged. For example, some are used to project wall surfaces, partial projection grounds and furniture, and choose a lamp with a large light diffusion angle. In addition, the space can also be appropriately equipped with chandeliers, wall lights, vertical lights, etc. to help the light can be evenly distributed from top to bottom.

Buying rail lights, LED lamps are the best choice

In terms of orbit type, there is a simple “linear track” with a simple straight line, which is also the most commonly used by everyone; but if you have special decorative needs, you can also adjust the guide rail to the shape of bending, arc and other shapes. Division from the light source, the rail lamps include incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps, gas discharge lamps and LED lights. Experts in the field of lighting suggest that rail lights should be used with LED lamps because LED light bulbs have a bubbles. Various sizes, lumen and color temperature. Especially when the orbital light is used to light up artworks, the characteristics of its low -calorie output can avoid damage to the work.

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