“POP Clothing Trend Network” 23/24 Autumn and Winter Men’s Jeans Jeans Detailed Craft Trends

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The jeans are used as a key category in pants. With the uniqueness of its fabric, the effect of conventional pants cannot be presented in the detail design. The details of the different parts are still the focus of attention, such as the waist, side, foot mouth and other parts, combining the characteristics of denim fabrics to design different effects. At the same time, due to the characteristics of the fabric, it can present the craftsmanship such as rough hair and the use of positive and negative stitching. Make jeans full of exquisite and delicate innovative designs, and distinguish between conventional pants.


The details of the waist are often the key parts of the pants design, and jeans are no exception. Cowboy fabric has a good shaping effect, and irregularly dividing design, structural stitching and other methods can show good visual effects. At the same time, the waist pockets can also be cleverly designed, such as the bag along the hair edges, embroidery, etc., so that the jeans are different.


Long visual modification such as the side sewing of the trousers is also the key detail direction in the pants design, such as the color of the side seam washing water, the color of the hair edge, and the stitching of the negative fabric of the denim. Effect. At the same time, the contrasting color embroidery, zipper decoration, and webbing decoration of the side also show unique visual effects.

Rough edge

The rough wool edge is mainly to show good visual effects with denim fabrics, leaving specific seam heads on the edge of the splicing, and uses a dedicated wool treatment tool to create a natural yarn hair, which is loved by the designer. In the latest release of this season, there are more presence, and the natural hair of the yarn is simply embellished with highlights.


The detail design of the foot mouth is also an important focus in the design of the pants. Design methods such as the opening of the mouth split design, fold, and band can still be continued in jeans. During the latest release of this season, jeans and mouths are presented with details such as cuffs and pocket additions. It is quite deconstructed and designed.

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