Tiansi bedding ~ summer’s favorite

The reason why I have to say in Spring and Summer Beds I have to say

Tiansi is a regenerative cellulose fiber that combines high -quality characteristics of multi -fiber. For example, with cotton, moisture -absorbing and breathability, durability of polyester strength, hairy gorgeousness, and comfortable touch. There is no wastewater excretion in the spinning process, which can be degraded naturally, which is very beneficial for the environmental protection of the earth.

Tiansi fabric has a lot of advantages:

Face value

The silk cloth surface is flat, delicate and smooth, with the luster of the silk, which is very atmospheric. The feel is smooth, naturally hanging like a waterfall, good luster, the appearance is comparable to silk, the shrinkage rate is only 2%(the shrinkage rate of cotton fiber is 4%-10%, and the chemical fiber shrinkage rate is 4%-8%), which is not easy to deform. After washing and shaking, it will return to the original appearance; Tiansi products have good size stability, and they will hardly shrink.


Tiansi is a natural material. The function of moisture management reduces bacterial growth and is more suitable for sensitive skin. It has good environmental protection, naturally non -irritating, and does not hurt our body. Because Silk absorbs and releases the human sweat in time and releases it back to the atmosphere. The dry environment makes the breeding of bacteria slowly and good inhibitory problems such as mites, mold, and odor. Experiments have proved that bacteria growing on other artificial fibers is about 2000 times higher than that of Sky.


Tiansi and cotton are also natural materials, but its original fiber structure absorbs water in a natural way, and then releases it to the outside of the fiber. Water absorption is better than cotton. The surface is smooth and full and excellent water absorption makes Tiansi products more suitable for sensitive skin. It not only has the high strength of polyester, but also the warmth of the hair products; the touch feels soft, the hanging is good, and the cover is close and comfortable; Dermatology reports pointed out that the use of Tianshi products can significantly improve comfort and enhance people’s pleasure. Polyester fiber cannot completely absorb water, but the silk fiber can be ruled and fully absorbed, and the water absorption is 1.5 times that of cotton. The main reason is that it uses breakthrough -in -controlled nanogenic fiber technology. Human sweat is absorbed and discharged by a bunch of small pipelines.


The silk is smooth and soft like water, which gives the skin and the skin and comfortable feeling. The sensitive skin can also be used. On the contrary, the rough fabric rubbing the skin.


Tiansi is 10%higher than cotton, and the breathability is good. When the human body is hot, the human body is constant to maintain the surface temperature of the skin through metabolism. At this time, the surface of the skin continues to emit calories and humidity, and the breathability of the fabric will affect the comfort. According to the results of the laboratory sample test, the breathability of the silk fabric reaches 494L/M2S, while the cotton fabric is only 450 L/M2s (flat texture), which means that the silk is more suitable for spring and summer. Dermatology reports pointed out that using Tianshi products in hand can significantly improve comfort and enhance people’s pleasure.


The heating coefficient of Tiansi is 0.18, which is much stronger than cotton, and it is stronger than the coldness. Tiansi is 59%stronger than cotton. What we need in spring and summer is the relatively cold fabric, which can help adjust some of the heat. According to the touch of contact with Skywater fabric samples is 0.218/W · cm-2, the cold feeling is strong, suitable for summer use, while the contact warmth of pure cotton fabric is 0.137/W · cm-2, which is stronger in warmth. , Suitable for autumn and winter.

Skin -friendly

Tiansi is 39%higher than the cotton hanging coefficient, the soft hanging performance is good, more comfortable to wear, and the drooping performance of real silk fabrics is the best in natural fabric, but after testing, it is found that the hanging properties of the sky are also good. The sky silk hanging coefficient is 33.5 %, The cotton hanging coefficient reaches 46.5%(flat texture), the higher the wire content, the better the hanging coefficient.


Tiansi has the characteristics of high -intensity of synthetic fibers. It has good physical and mechanical properties. It is 50%higher than that of cotton -resistant wear. The number of bedding in spring and summer is more. Therefore, a more wear -resistant fabric is required. After testing, the number of wear -resistant times of Silk fabric reaches 400 to 500 times (flat line), the hair is 4 to 5, and the cotton is lower.

Environmental friendly

Tiansi is refined by wood pulp. The raw materials can be regenerated. The recovery rate is more than 99%. Non -toxic, pollution -free, and 100%natural biochemical degradation can be used after use.


It has long been in the electrostatic environment that affects human skin and sleep quality, and it hurts the human body. The occurrence of static electricity is dry, and the natural water content of Silk has reached 13%. In addition, its excellent humidification characteristics make it not accumulate static charge.

Tiansi bedding is suitable for summer use, which is mainly reflected in the following points:

Have good dyeing performance

Tiansi has a good chromatography and color fastness. The color rendering effect is stronger than other fabrics, the color effect is more long -lasting, and the color will be brighter. The hot summer is hot. If the color with high saturation is high, it will appear that the entire bedroom is very “hot”, which is easy to make people anxious. Fresh, elegant, beautiful and refreshing colors make us feel cool and comfortable visually. At a glance, there is a feeling of being in summer.

Have a good gloss texture

The glossy kit will make the bedroom look very textured, just like the four -piece set of Silk Silk, which will make the bedroom increase the high -level sense on the basis of a high value, and it looks very delicate at a glance.

There is a good silky touch, not only the surface is smooth and shiny, but also the touch is very smooth.

Have good breathability

Tiansi fabric has a good breathability, and has a unique original fiber structure (the original fiber is a particularly fine hair feathers, the smallest unit to form a fiber). Each original fiber has sub -micro -tunnels, that is, good breathability origin of.

Have good moisture absorption performance

The quilt in summer must also have a good hygroscopic effect, timely absorb the human sweat, and maintain a refreshing sleeping environment to be more happy. Silk fabrics can quickly absorb water, have good hygroscopic absorption, and can maintain a relatively dry and comfortable sleeping environment.

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