A lot of natural oxygen goddess came out in the movie “Fanghua”,

Yang Caiyu

It was one of the outstanding one. After that, she also used her strength to interpret a lot of classic works to prove her strength, but Yang Caiyu still gave everyone a greater surprise in a private life, that is, her wonderful dressing As

French romantic girl,

Yang Caiyu is really charming. Today, let’s take a look at Yang Caiyu’s excellent demonstration!

*Old -shoulder dresses show a good figure*

Attending the event Yang Caiyu can give a lot of surprises every time, she also uses her body advantage to show her personal charm. This time Yang Caiyu boldly chose a

Dark red leopard tube top skirt,

Whole person

Charm and charming

The tube top design is really a powerful weapon for the dress, it can show the essence well

Clamp and excellent shoulder and neck lines

, A good figure is at a glance, and it is also quite dressed in summer

Refreshing and transparent

, Full comfort.


*Color selection breakthrough is more charming*

We may see more when attending the event


Black and white

Although color

Classic simplicity


, But it will also cause everyone to have visual fatigue. At this time, Yang Caiyu chose very much

dark red

Dress, the color is eye -catching, especially charming, and it can also be set off

Flowing skin.


Plus overall shape

Leopard pattern

Add, evenly arranged and distributed in order to make the overall shape not too monotonous, and even more tulle fabrics


Light and gentle

, High comfort.

And the whole skirt has more

Natural vertical,

Yang Caiyu also specially paired with a pink leopard belt, echoing with the overall shape, and pierced

Cute ball head

The overall shape also follows

Simple atmosphere

The principle of Yang Caiyu looks more fashionable and generous,

Fairy fluttering,

Sure enough, temperament is not ordinary.

→ Come on the capable shape

Yang Caiyu, who attended the event, has different styles of private Yang Caiyu. She will be more simple and capable in private activities or daily travel.

Royal Sister Feng Fan Qi

The field is very powerful.

*Purple sweater sling 色 white wide -leg pants*

This time the top selected

Light purple suspender sweater

, Light color selection



, Coupled with the refreshing and comfortable suspender, the whole shape is particularly elegant and generous, matching

White wide -leg pants

It is also a low -key color. The overall shape is particularly suitable for summer.

Refreshing and clean

With purple shoulder mesengers, the sense of fashion has also risen.

White shirt 西 black trousers,

The classic black and white matching combination, seemingly

Simple but not simple

However, it contains a large dressing skills, and the white shirt is slightly open to the neckline to form nature

V -neck design

, Summary on the rear tie to conclude, the black trousers are also particularly thin, and the black pointed high heels are also particularly beautiful, extending the leg lines.

Blue knitted sweater with blue jeans,

The fresh and natural same color is full of high -level sense, and the blue sweater is specially designed

Large V -neck design,

It shows the charm of women very well, matching

Black shoulder bag


Simple and generous.

→ French romantic girl wear

*Summer skirts are the most beautiful and greasy*


Yang Caiyu’s dress will always be revealed inadvertently

French romantic style,

For example

Green plaid dress,

The tight design is perfectly wrapped

Good shape

, Fresh and refined green gives a lot of surprises, paired with a khaki color grid, portable

White pearl small shoulder bag

The overall shape is bold and personality, and the good figure is still at a glance!


Blue suspender skirt


It is to a large extent to liberate your body, summer


Transparent and cool, and

The excellent figure ratio is also very enviable. The design of Fang Lingqi is easier to show a good figure, but it is brown strap sandals that improve the highlight of the overall shape. Bad.


Yellow U collar small shirt 领 green floral skirt

The element of floral elements is also the enduring element of the fashion industry. It is fresh and beautiful. It is versatile in summer. Yang Caiyu simply combines the two together. When the blockbuster is out in minutes, the sharing today is over here. I hope the little fairy can find the style that they like. We see you next time.

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I really serve Yang Caiyu, wearing dark red leopard tube top skirts, gorgeous and high -level, no wonder I can marry wealthy merchants