Not every huge type of animal can eat fragrant and spicy, sometimes too huge body shape will become a burden. For example, there was such an animal in the Triple Period (about 250 million years ago to 200 million years ago). They have an amazing length of 8.5 meters, but after many years of research by paleontologists Ancient giant beasts are just a kind of corrupted animal … This sad animal is Fisausso Crocodile.

Fasola crocodile and other proportional models


The Fassara crocodile is not a real crocodile. According to the classification of biology, they belong to the genus of the Rou’s crocodile, the family of Rou’s crocodile, and the Fashara crocodile, and they are the largest Laboh crocodiles found at present biology. Like the crocodile, Tieqin crocodile, Perster crocodile we have introduced in the previous article, are not as good as the Fashara crocodile.

Fasola crocodile skull model

However, compared with the above three kinds of Rou’s crocodile creatures, the Fassara crocodile is greatly reduced in action. According to the excavated Fasoplasha crocodile fossil restoration model, the connection structure of this ancient biological spine joint is a vertebral bow, the lower vertebral bow is concave. Although such a connection method can improve the support ability of the spine, it will also seriously affect the flexibility of the animal body. Coupled with the bulky body shape of the Fassara crocodile, which makes them very difficult when they act.

Screaming Fasola Crocodile


Therefore, don’t say that you can prey, even the simple movement is not easy for the Fassra crocodile. Fortunately, there is a sharp teeth, and a tough tail scales, which can help them defend the attack of other carnivial animals. But unfortunately, if there is not a prey hitting the muzzle, this kind of scary is a giant, you can only eat some animal’s rotten corpses.


Fossi fossils

The original fossil of Fasopara Crocodile was in Argentina. In fact, there was no place to find the fossil relics of this ancient creature except Argentina. This also reverse proves that this huge body of Lauh Crocodiles is relatively poor in adapting to the environment. It may be difficult for them to find a suitable place for habitat except for a small number of areas with relatively small competition pressure.


Fasola crocodile imagination map

However, even in the Argentine region in the Three -Die age, there were not many large beasts, and the Fassara crocodile still did not survive too long. From the perspective of the Fasora crocodile fossils that are currently excavated, this ancient biological age span is extremely span, which only survives in the Late Ritia steps in the late Tri -Stacks. Extinction.


Thinking on the wall:

It is not necessary to be strong in competitiveness. If the physical structure is uncomfortable or the personality is too cowardly, it will also be reduced to the fish on the cutting board. The difference is that your meat is more fat and bigger.

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