Everyone knows that there are many types of beds, there are single beds, children’s beds, double beds, and big round beds. Moreover, specifications are also in shape, such as 1 m 2, 1 m 5, 11 meters, or even 2 meters. In the face of such a size of the model, the owner is not awkward. Which kind of thing is to buy? How do you listen to what your hipster is listening to?

Now no matter which store is like this, the sales of small sisters are in order to be high-profile, the most expensive introduction, do not understand the current status and needs of the customer. Of course, everyone thinks that sleeping big bed is of course comfortable, not so “binding”. Standing in common sense, the merchant will definitely introduce the most expensive to you, the double bed of 1.8 meters is more comfortable, but if you meet the small bedroom, the bed will definitely account for the place.


At the beginning of my house, my family is a small apartment. I listened to the small sister of the sale of sales. I bought a big bed of 1 meter 8. The result came back. The whole room was full of Dangdang, and I regret that my family bought it wrong.

What is the girlfriend who listened to a 5-year home sales?


闺 闺: When we choose bed, it cannot blindly blindly, and it needs to be considered from three aspects.

First, consider the size of the bedroom, the size of the bed should not exceed 1/3 of the bedroom area, otherwise it will be very crowded.


Second, it also needs to see the aisle width on both sides of the bed. Generally, the aisle cannot be less than 40 cm. The best aisle width is 80 cm in the design of the design. If you leave 80 cm, it is of course best. If you don’t do it, you have to stay 60 cm. In addition, I have to look at the bed after going in, there is no housing door or wardrobe, so as not to bring any inconvenience to our lives.

There is also a long-term two people in the double bed. If you have a person living in a long time, you will buy 1 meter 5. For example, small apartment decoration, secondary, children’s room. The double bed, which is usually bought 1.5 meters, so paying money and does not occupy the place.

If it is a newlywed, it is recommended to buy 1.8 meters of bed. First, it can promote intimate intimate feelings between husband and wife; if there is a child in the future, the big bed can sleep with children, more convenient. Otherwise I have bought a double bed of 1.5 meters, may also change in the later period, so it is too wasteful.


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