There are many ways to lay tiles, such as dry hanging.What does it mean to hang tiles?Today I will answer it by PCHOUSE one by one.


Dry tiles are dried tiles.The dried wall brick means to open the side of the board, and the expansion screws are hit on the wall, and then the corner iron that hits the eye is as a beam, and the decoration project of the pendant is finally hung.Great wall brick hanging is generally used for large -scale exterior wall decoration.

The most easy -to -understand difference between the dry hanging of the wall brick and the wet hanging of the wall brick is that the dry hanging of the wall tiles needs to be directly pasted with the wall tiles with nails or some materials.The wall brick wet hanging is pasted with cement mortar for wall tiles, and water needs to be used.Wet hanging is often used in home decoration and is used for wet tiles. Such craftsmanship can make the tile sticky more firmly, and it is mostly used in the tiles of tiles in the bathroom and kitchen.