Fendi is a well -known luxury brand. It can be said that it is a brand that affects the world’s trends. This season’s FENDI is really beautiful! Today, we will take a look at this trend brand to see what the FENDI spring and summer new models are.

Key points: Chinese elements

This season, FENDI has launched clothes with a Chinese style. From the appearance of the clothes, you can see the characteristics of women’s clothing before liberation.

With a Chinese -style ladylike lady, this is also a retro feeling, right?

Essence It is considered a new style combined with the world trend retro style and Chinese elements.


The fabric of cotton and linen, simple and natural, with a comfortable feeling. The embroidery and other crafts on the clothes, three -dimensional and exquisite,

The transparent collar makes this dress rich and exquisite.

Another Chinese element skirt, the style is very concise, the “



This has become this skirt

Important details

, Decorate the entire skirt, making the skirt change obvious in style.

These lines are embroidered with special machines. This seemingly simple craft

Domestic brands can only achieve straight lines at present

, I ca n’t turn around, this may be the gap between China and the world’s big brands.

Is it very Chinese? Extremely


Ancient house wooden doors and windows


Some patterns and patterns above. That’s why people look particularly and kind.

These lines are composed

New pattern

, Make clothes look novel and special, fashionable and beautiful.

In recent years, due to the great increase in the purchasing power of the Chinese, it has become the sales growth point of many foreign brands. Many foreign big names have also begun

Follow Chinese elements


This transparent dress, with these lines decoration, elegant and exquisite, really beautiful!

Key points: hollowed out lace

Lace has always been a good heart, gorgeous and feminine. This group of clothes and skirts made of lace fabric embroidered with flowers patterns, romantic and sweet,

Just looking at the fabric is already beautiful


, Any style will make people feel beautiful.

Lace seems to be very important in the FENDI spring and summer trends. This white flower skirt is the same as the skirt pattern above, but the material is different.


Pure cotton texture can also have this beauty

The cotton’s lace is natural and comfortable to wear, which is the trend of this year.

The skirt of the flowers is paired with a striped jacket and a clean color shirt. Although it is all white,

The texture changes between the fabrics have enriched the entire shape,


Show sweet romance, high -level gorgeous effect.

This dress style is very simple. The skirt is made of transparent and hollow fabrics. It is light and elegant, with its own immortality. Strictly speaking, this is not a lace fabric, but it is very similar to the lace fabric. Here, the stripes on the skirt change make the skirt no longer because the style is simple.

Key points: retro style

The retro style has appeared for several seasons. By the spring and summer of this year, it is still one of the focus of fashion trends.

The weight of the retro style is the upper body of the fit, the A -shaped skirt, and the rows of buttons details


The waist of the skirt has a sense of rhythm between the storage.

FENDI puts “put” on the sleeve, and the skirt becomes very fit. This style of skirts are stronger.

Point 4: Comfortable and casual style

Comfortable and casual is the main style of many brands this year, and Fendi is no exception. This large shirt -style dress, the collar of the pouring down makes the clothes shape without a handsome feeling,

Comfortable and casual is the fashion concept of this dress.


This loose and loose shirt with wide -leg pants,

Random free,

The loose body makes the person wearing no restraint, and the bright color contrast makes the shape a fashionable feeling.


Key 5: Colorful colors


FENDI has a lot of color and colorful this season.

In addition to the routine and colorless without black, white, and gray, orange, coffee, light coffee, Chinese red, ice lake blue, rose red

It also appeared in the trend of this season. These main colors are bright and lively. Looking at it, it feels bright, fashionable and beautiful.

In China, FENDI is a very well -known foreign brand, especially among stars, which is a degree of unknown. The little swallow Zhao Wei that everyone likes is its spokesperson.

Fendi is so good! Today, the five key points of the trend brand FENDI in spring and summer are interpreted here. Friends who like this brand can learn from its trend points and just wear it.

Pay attention to the trend of fashion and share daily wear!


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