Now it is basically online shopping. It is troublesome if you don’t know if you want to buy pants. Different stores are different in size standards. Some stores use centimeters, and some stores use codes. It is necessary to understand the size of the size. Let me introduce how to understand the size of men’s pants.

Men’s pants size introduction

There are four standards for pants size control tables, namely international standards, that is, common XS size, S size, M size, L size, and XL size. It is generally believed that XS is a small trumpet, S is a trumpet, M is medium, L is large, XL is an increase, and XXL is a large number. The second pants size control table is the Chinese standard based on CM: 160-165/84-86, 165-170/88-90, 167-172/92-96, 168-173/98-102, 170-176 /106-110. The third is the US standard: 2, 4-6, 8-10, 12-14, 16-18; the fourth type is the European standard: 34, 34-36, 38-40, 42, 44.

There are two types of models in common clothing in life: first, S (small), M (middle), L (large), XL (increase); second, the form of height plus bust, such as 160/80A, 165/85A , 170/85A, etc. The first label is irregular. Whether it is domestic clothing or imported clothing, the model must be marked according to China’s clothing model GB/T1335, and English letters can only be marked as auxiliary code. Men’s pants size control table and conversion 29 yards = 2.2 foot waist = 73.5cm/30 yards = 2.3 foot waist = 77cm/31 yard = 2.4 foot waist = 80cm 32 yards = 2.5 foot waist = 83.5cm/33 yards = 2.6 foot waist waist waist waist waist = 87cm/34 yards = 2.7 foot waist = 90cm 36 yards = 2.8 foot waist = 94cm/38 yards = 2.9 foot waist = 96cm/40 yards = 3.0 foot waist = 100cm men’s height, weight control table specific size measurement method

Male pants height weight control table


Specific size measurement method


Pure waist circumference: The finest amount of measurement along the waist outside the single trousers for one week; the waist circumference of the pants: the seams on both sides of the waist circumference are enclosed for a week. The size of the pants is recommended by 1.5cm-2cm compared to the net waist circumference.


Pure hips: The most plump and most prominent source of the hips balances the weeks; the hips of the pants: from the waist mouth down, the widest part of the pants is the horizontal metering for one week. The size of the pants is recommended by 1.5cm-2cm compared to the net waist circumference.

The thighs are surrounded by both feet and standing naturally, the spacing is about 15 meters, the measurement point is below the hip, and the thigh muscles are relaxed with the thigh muscles and the thickest part of the thicker part when they are tightened. Stand straight on the knee, relaxes the thigh muscles, the average weight is distributed on the legs, and the skin ruler is measured in the middle of the bone.


Rights, evenly distributed on both legs, and measure the thickestness of the thickest part of the calf gut. Pants long pants: from the most concave part of the waist to the leather shoe and shoes and soles of the sole;

Long trousers


: The distance from the waist to the bottom of the pants.

A rough algorithm of the bust, the hip around the hip around


Bust of bust = body height x 0.48 (such as: standard bust of 175cm height = 175cm x 0.48 = 84cm) waist circumference = body height x 0.47 (such as: standard waist circumference with 175cm height = 175cm x 0.47 = 82.25cm) hip circumference = body height x 0.51 (such as::::::::::::::: Standard hips with a height of 175cm = 175cm x 0.51 = 89.25cm)

Men’s 32 pants size

Men’s general 32 -size pants are reference: waist circumference 84, hip circumference 108, thigh fence 64, front crotch 27, rear crotch 37, foot mouth 41, trousers long 108. 32 is the European size standard, the pants size 32 corresponds to the waist circumference of 2 feet and 5 inches (city ruler), the pants are 108 cm long, suitable for people with a normal person with a normal body or 175-180 fat. Men and women are different. As far as jeans are concerned, 32 -size pants, men’s pants are 108 cm long, women’s pants are 96 cm long

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