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In the cold winter, worried that the child will be cold and cold, parents pay special attention to keeping the children warm. Some children are wrapped in three layers of three layers and three layers, and they are covered with large quilts when they sleep.

Doctors remind that excessive warmth may cause children to suffer from heat -covered syndrome. This is an emergency that causes brain damage, multi -functional organ failure, and even life -threatening. Recently, a pathogenesis of severe medical medicines in Hunan Provincial Children’s Hospital has treated a child with less than two months of fever syndrome.

“I really didn’t expect the consequences to be so serious!” The obvious father, Mr. Xie (pseudonym), recalled the scene at the time, and couldn’t tell the remorse and distress. Boyfun who lives in Changsha Mingming (pseudonym) was only January 19 days. At 4 am on December 11th, after feeding the milk, parents put it on a separate crib to sleep. At this time, I wore two clothes, and there was a bag with a hat. I was worried that the temperature at night was low. My parents were wearing a hat and stamped with a quilt. At about 7 am in the morning, they woke up crying and drinking milk, but the child was extra quiet that day. My parents thought they were sleeping, and they didn’t get up to see him. Until around 9 am, parents got up and saw that the whole person was covered in the quilt. When he opened the quilt and found that he was sweating, his mouth spit, and the person did not respond. The anxious parents immediately sent it to Hunan Children’s Hospital.

Zhu De Sheng, deputy chief physician of the Department of Critical Medicine, Hunan Province, closely paid close attention to clear life signs. Photo by Yao Jiaqi

“At present, the child’s condition is still critical.” Zhu De Sheng, deputy chief physician of the hospital’s intensive medical department, said that the consciousness of the obvious consciousness when admission was in a coma, his breathing was very light, his limbs had high muscle tension, and life was dangerous at any time. Medical staff immediately provided symptomatic support treatment such as tracheal intubation, capacity expansion, and cooling. After inspection and other inspections of nuclear magnetic resonance, the obvious brain has changes in diffuse brain injury.

Deputy Chief Physician Zhu De Sheng introduced that the heating syndrome, also known as “Mongolia is a lack of oxygen syndrome” or “baby sultry syndrome”, is due to excessive warmth, high heat, high heat, sweat, dehydration, dehydration, dehydration, dehydration, and dehydration. A common winter emergencies in the convulsions and even breathing and circulating system failure. Every year from November to April of the following year is the peak period.


“Children within one year old can wear more clothes than adults.” Zhu De Sheng reminded that the child’s quilt and clothes should be appropriately loose, and they should not restrict the child’s hands and feet. If the indoor temperature is low, the conditional families can turn on air conditioning and heating, but the temperature should be controlled at about 25 ° C. At the same time, pay attention to ventilation once every 4-6 hours to ensure that the indoor air is fresh. Children over one year of age can refer to adults to dress, because children of this age are basically the same as adults. Therefore, when the child sleeps, you don’t need to wear cotton jackets, cotton pants, and only cotton -breathable underwear. It is important to note that do not pull the quilt too high or even cover the child’s nose. At night, parents must observe their children’s warmth and breathing situations from time to time, and avoid the child’s quilt cover, leading to danger.

【Health Tips】

When the child is found to have sweat, high fever, difficulty breathing, discharge other diseases, and there is a situation of wearing too much cover, it is likely to be covered with heat syndrome and should be cool down as soon as possible.

1. Supplement water. Covering the heat syndrome will cause children to dewater and electrolyte disorders in their bodies. Therefore, water supplementation should be replenished in time. If necessary, you can drink a little salt supplement for your child. This can supplement water and increase heat.

2. Cooling. Calling is the key to dealing with the heat -covered syndrome. For babies, it is best to take physical cooling methods, such as unbuttoning the quilt, rubbing the bath with warm water and replacing clothes. After simple cooling treatment, the child should be sent to a regular hospital for medical treatment as soon as possible.

Source | Xiaoxiang Morning News

Reporter | Xia Sheng