Single soldiers on the battlefield are particularly important equipment for soldiers. At critical moments, they are likely to let the wearer pick a life. Therefore, the troops of front -line operations are basically equipped with complete protective equipment, including bulletproof helmets and bulletproof vests.

In addition, the bulletproof vest required on the battlefield is obviously different from ordinary police products. The battlefield is more of the system of military caliber ammunition, with a long range of power. It is not enough to resist the standard of pistol bullets. It is necessary to prevent the blow of military bullets such as 5.56 mm and 7.62 mm. Because ordinary bulletproof jackets have a poor protection effect when facing such military ammunition.

陶瓷防弹插板有多强?硬挡一枚7.62机枪弹 阿富汗特种兵死里逃生

Modern military bulletproof jackets are mainly used to insert bulletproof plugs to resist bullets. The size of these bulletproof plugs is thick and naturally heavy. Users need excellent physical fitness. After all, in addition to bulletproof protective gear, front -line soldiers must carry a large number of other military materials and guns and ammunition.

陶瓷防弹插板有多强?硬挡一枚7.62机枪弹 阿富汗特种兵死里逃生

Only with complete equipment can protect yourself effectively in the battle. Recently, a special forces of the Afghan army escaped under the protection of bulletproof equipment.

In a battle, the special forces of the Afghan government forces were equipped with the US military’s 19th Special Combat Brigade to fight with Taliban. In the battle, the soldier was directly hit by a 7.62mm machine gun bullet and leaned on the lower shoulder. This bullet was very powerful and should be fired by a PK general machine gun. Under normal circumstances, the blow of this hits is enough to make people fatal on the spot.

However, Fortunately, the equipment obtained by the Afghan Special Forces with the support of NATO is still quite good. In the battle, the soldier has been wearing a troop -level bulletproof vest, and heavy ceramic bulletproof plugs are installed before and after.

Directly resisted this key bullet, and only caused him to suffer slight injuries. This injury was burned when the high -the -rmal traceropathy on the warhead was burned. However, the bulletproof plug -in board for making great achievements was almost penetrated. It can only be said that this buddy is really lucky, and the simple injury will soon recover.