Royal jelly contains various nutrients and biological active substances needed by the human body. It is precious nutritional products. It is very suitable for middle -aged and elderly people, diabetic people, and sub -healthy people. Royal jelly frozen dried powder is currently known for the most effective and convenient preservation method.

Royal jelly is difficult to save at room temperature, and it is very vulnerable to the effects of air, sunlight and water to damage the active substances in it, which affects its effect. Scientists find that royal jelly is treated with vacuum freezing and drying processing process, except for most of the moisture, and makes it crystalline powder to solve this problem.

Royal jelly is made of raw materials, which is made of vacuum freezing and drying, allowing royal jelly to save, accurate dosage, and convenient use. Its main component is royal jelly jelly -free powder, wheat fiber, and microfimal silicone.

Royal jelly frozen dry powder capsules are suitable for people with low immunity, but children and allergies are not suitable for taking. Taking quantitative royal jelly frozen dry powder capsules can enhance immunity.

Royal jelly frozen dry powder capsules should be taken quantitative according to personal situation.

1. The basic amount is 2 times a day, 2 capsules each time, and the warm water will be delivered.

2. Best breakfast and half an hour before going to bed for the best

Royal jelly jelly dried powder is removed by high -tech methods when the fresh royal pulp is ultra -low -humid and frozen. The water is removed from the process of turning water and water into water, so as to remove the water, so that frozen dried powder is proposed. Compared with the fresh bee royal jelly, royal jelly jelly can be stored at room temperature, but there is no active ingredient, and the quality of the product is also affected by technology, equipment, people, and environment.

The royal jelly frozen dry powder capsule, in fact, their processing methods are basically the same, but the frozen dried powder is proposed when the fresh royal pulp is ultra -low humidity frozen, and the shell is encapsulated. Compared with royal jelly frozen dried powder, royal jelly frozen dried powder capsules will be better.

1. Treatment of cardiovascular disease

Royal jelly contains acetylcholine, which can restore the plant nerves to normal, and has a significant effect on the treatment of cardiovascular disease; long -term use of bee jelly has good effects on patients with trilogy, vascular sclerosis, arrhythmia, diabetes and other diseases.

2. Treatment of cancer medicine

Royal jelly is rich in vitamin B and high -quality protein, especially the imperial paste with strong bactericidal power, so it is a good medicine for treating cancer.


3. Treatment of anemia

Royal jelly contains substances of synthetic hemoglobin such as copper and iron. It has a strong hematopoietic system. It can increase hemoglobin, promote growth, and improve disease resistance to developing children.

4. Improve rheumatism and joint symptoms. Royal jelly contains pantothenic acid, which can improve rheumatism and joint symptoms.


5. Improve diabetes

Royal jelly contains insulin, which has a better effect on diabetes.


6. Treatment of menopausal disorders and chronic prostate inflammation

It can strengthen the function of adrenal glandular cortex, regulate human hormones, and activate the intertal brain cells, which is conducive to the treatment of menopausal disorders and chronic prostate inflammation.


7. Enhance physical strength

It can enhance people’s basic physical strength, make human aging tissues activate, have good appetite, long spirit, and good look;

8. Promote intellectual development

Royal jelly contains peptides and protein health factors, which can promote intellectual development and thus use it to improve memory.

9. Treatment burns

Royal jelly contains protein hormones. After taking the blood circulation, it will help the skin tissue function to restore vitality, and it has obvious effects on the treatment of burns.

10. Beauty and spotting

Royal jelly contains a variety of inorganic salts, which can promote the release of liver sugar and metabolism. Therefore, it can be beauty and eliminate spotted patterns.

11. Improve nutrition and replenish brainpower

Royal jelly contains a large amount of nutrients, and the liver and gastrointestinal function have regulatory effects; frequent consumption can improve malnutrition, to treat loss of appetite and indigestion, enhance people’s physical strength and brain power, and improve emotions.

12. Improve human immunity

Royal jelly contains immunoglobulin, which can significantly improve human immunity. After eating royal jelly, people obviously feel full of energy, and the probability of colds and other diseases is reduced.

Regarding the amount of royal jelly, it should be dependent on different needs.