The line is a bleached silk cotton lace bought online. I use a single -stock line. The 12th needles (the neckline is No. 14 needle, double -layer suture).

Finished product size: 47cm long (4cm after washing), bust 29cm*2, shoulder width 23cm


The skirt that the little girl wants a white little angel, one butterfly wing small flying sleeve princess skirt


Finished product size: 29cm * 2, clothing length 47cm, shoulder width 23cm, sleeve length 7cm, hem enclosure 60cm * 2, neckline width i3cm, front collar depth 7. SCM, sleeve cage i3CM * 2.

Tools: No. 12 (2.75 mm) ring needle + stick knitting body, No. 14 (2 mm) stick knitted neckline.


Used: Silk -ray cotton lace 1 white white 2 two. Time: 15 days.

Weaving density: flat needles: 10cm * 10cm = 30 stitches * 40 lines (after the garment is lamented, it becomes 10cm 35 lines)

Skirt Phoenix Tail Model: L0cm * 10cm = 28 stitches * 40 lines.

Weaving notes (from bottom to top)


1. Weaving the skirt after the needle

The skirt is a phoenix tail flower, the above is a flat needle.

Hook needle + stick needle, bilateral needle, 340 + 2 stitches on the 12th needle (1 needle to separate the front and rear pieces on the left and right).

Fengwei Flower: 17 stitches * 6 lines (attached after illustration)

4 rows of ups and downs, 3 rows of phoenix tail flowers, line 19


Every flower

Losted 1 needle on each side, remaining needles: 15 * 10 * 2 + 2.

Starting from the 20th line, the flower type on the tail flower of the weaving phoenix, after 42 lines, after 42 lines,

Reduce 2 stitches, at this time the remaining needle: 13 * 10 * 2 + 2.

After that, the full flat needles were woven to the opening place (the total skirt was 30cm long).




The front and rear film of the upper body

First weaving

1. 5 stitches on each side, and then weave 12 lines.

2. Leave 10 stitches on each side, and the middle 100 stitches are all 2 parallel, minus to 50 stitches. Pay attention to the intermediate symmetry when the needle is reduced:

1 Anti – + 10 positive + (enter * 25, people * 25) + 10 positive + 1 reverse needle on both sides is added separately.


3, flat weaving 36 lines, after opening: 34 stitches in the middle, 2-12, 1, 21, 1, and 2 lines on both sides of the flat.

4. Each shoulder needle, waiting for suture.


2 、两侧各留10 针,中间的100 针全部是2 并1 ,减为50 针,注意减针时中间对称: 1 反+ 10 正+(入* 25 、人* 25 ) + 10 正+ 1 The inverse needle on both sides is added separately, regardless of the number of stitches, for suture. 3. Ping weaving 20 lines, opening the front collar: 24 stitches in the middle, 212, 21, 21, 2, 1, 1, 1, and 6 lines in the middle


5. Two pieces and weaving, suture the front and rear shoulders.

Third, pick the neckline 14 needles, take a line, pick up the needle, together? Intersection Needle (forgot to record), weaving 6 lines, weaving 1 line of dog teeth (2 and 1, 1 around 1), flat woven 4 lines, and then seamlessly suture the needle on the opposite side.

(While picking a needle, you can bury a thick thread so that you can easily find the corresponding needle when suture.)


Fourth, the sleeve woven mesh ulter cage, pick the needle on the front, 44 lines 45 pins * 2.

According to the figure, weave a total of 28 lines and two 7cm, and the elastic needle collection method is closed.

There is no need to suture the sleeve, and the small flying sleeves that naturally form a butterfly wing effect.

The manuscript comes from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please make a private message! Thank you teachers for sharing! Love life and weaving!


Every flower

1. 5 stitches on each side, and then weave 12 lines.

4. Each shoulder needle, waiting for suture.