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“Xinmin Gang Nong busy”


I bought a box of Ferrero Jianda chocolate in the supermarket and opened it, and it grew “white hair” on it!

A total of 4 chocolates, all of which are all moldy

Intersection Citizen Huang told the “Xinmin Help Nong Ren” through the “headline help” entrance of today’s headline Shanghai Channel.

Long hair! Long hair!

Eat extremely nauseous

Recalling the scene at the time of the incident, Ms. Huang still felt “extremely disgusting” so far. She told Xinmin Evening News “Xinmin Helong Royal” reporter that on December 12, she purchased a box of 4 installed Jianda chocolates in the “Tesco Supermarket” at No. 69 Qunying Road, Minhang District.

4 installed Jianda chocolate purchased by consumers

Shopping Receipt

After returning home,

She torn the packaging, took a bite, and immediately felt “wrong”


“Take a closer look, the chocolate has grown hair moldy! I spit the chocolate I bied on the spot, and I took a long mouthwash for a long time.

The reporter of the Xinmin Evening News “Xinmin Bang Nong Business” sees from the photos provided by Ms. Huang:

The edge of the chocolate is covered with a long “white hair”;

There are still many molds in the “potholes” of chocolate.

Chocolate moldy, unable to eat

Ms. Huang said,

The production date of chocolate is May 31, 2021, and the shelf life will be on February 25, 2022.

“The product is still in the shelf life, why is there such a serious quality problem?!”


Ms. Huang immediately found the “Tesco Supermarket”, and the relevant person in charge of the boss was also wronged.

“We all purchase goods from regular channels. Who knows this kind of thing in the shelf life?”

an examination! an examination!

All inventory is moldy

Subsequently, Ms. Huang called the hotline of the customer service. After a staff member records the situation, he said he would investigate. A few days later, Ms. Huang received a reply from Ferrero.


“They told me that they have been in the store to check,


I found that the remaining Jianda chocolate in this shop is also moldy

This answer makes Ms. Huang feel very incredible.

“If it is just an example, it can be explained. A group of products are moldy. How did Ferrero’s quality control?”

The reporter of the Xinmin Evening News “Xinmin Helong Business” contacted the person in charge of “Tesco Supermarket”. The other party said, after the incident, after the incident,

Ferrero sent someone to the store, and opened the packaging inspection and found that the remaining chocolate is really moldy

Essence On the phone, the person in charge revealed more about the reporter of “Xinmin Gang Nong”. There was a problem with Ferrero chocolate, and it was not the first time they were here.

“I don’t conceal you, I have eaten a few moldy chocolates before. But because I encountered it myself, I didn’t want to make trouble, and I didn’t reflect to the brand.”

Response! Response!

Accused of no sincerity

The reporter of the Xinmin Evening Daily “Xinmin Bang Nong Business” dial the Ferrero customer service hotline, and the staff will report to the relevant departments. After that, a Ferrero company staff recovered, and the other party acknowledged,

The chocolate bought by consumers is indeed produced by the Ferrero brand, and there is indeed mold.


“After comparison, the same archive samples do not have signs of mold; there is no data abnormalities for the relevant records of the same batch of products. Therefore, we believe that there is no problem in the production link.”

The staff member further explained that the preliminary survey results of the product circulation link were, and

The supermarket is a channel covered by Ferrefei’s regular sales, and there may be problems with the transportation and storage links.

“Chocolates have high requirements for storage environment and humidity temperature. From exports to circulation, it will have an impact.”

For Ferrero’s reply, Ms. Huang believes that it is “emphasizing the reason and no sincerity.”

“As long as the chocolate is not damaged during the shelf life and the outer packaging is not damaged, the brand party has the responsibility to ensure that its quality is qualified. Now there are big problems such as long hair mold, how can the responsibility shirk directly to the seller?!”

Ms. Huang told Xinmin Evening Daily “Xinmin Bang Nong Busy” reporter,

The compensation plan for her to pay her is to pay 5 boxes of chocolate, but she refuses

“My appeal is that the brand must find out every link, truly find out the problem, and give the public a clear explanation, and give the public a safe quality commitment! And now use the responsibility and compensation to the attitude of consumers, the attitude of consumers, and the attitude of consumers. Compared to extremely disgusting mold chocolate, it is even more disgusting. “

exposure! exposure!

When to face the problem

In recent years, the Xinmin Evening News has repeatedly reported the various quality problems that Ferrero chocolate have occurred, and what makes consumers particularly dissatisfied is that the brand may push or “lose contact”.

Consumers report,

The Ferrero box that has not yet been sealed was “mixed” into a flying insect

Intersection The company acknowledged the facts, but even if there were relevant departments, they did not make a payment.

Ms. Wang, Ms. Wang reported,

In the Ferrero chocolate, white maggots and black worms were available.

Essence What made her feel chilling, the brand played “lost contact” after registering the information.

In this regard, many consumers bluntly, Ferrero must assume the responsibility of large brands, strictly control every level of product production, logistics transportation, and quality preservation, and firmly keep the “bottom line” of food safety. Don’t use the “light” attitude and a lot of so -called “no responsibility”, overdraw your brand quality and overdrawn consumer trust.

When can Ferrero be explained to consumers? When can there be an attitude that can come up with the problem?

“Xinmin Gang Nong is busy” will continue to follow

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