Some old friends and fans asked the old pharmacist again. The old friend recently bought red ginseng to take it, but he had a problem. He said that the red ginseng bought in a pharmacy was a bit different. What about the real or fake red ginseng?

After explaining this issue, the old pharmacist finally made him understand. Here, the old pharmacist explains the fans who follow me. The support of fans and friends must be the motivation for the veteran pharmacist to continue to create. It is also welcome to praise and forward the article “Lingnan Old Pharmacist”.

There is a problem with red ginseng different flavors because there are red ginseng products such as sugar red ginseng, sugar -containing red ginseng, and Korean ginseng in the market. The taste of several red ginsengs, the color of the outer skin, and the section of the surface are different.

The sugar -free red ginseng is a processing product obtained by steaming and drying of the garden garden. There are border strips and non -pressed red ginseng. The taste of ginseng is slightly bitter and sweet. More light brown. Slip -free slices are more loose, or obvious crack pores are visible to slices.


Pressing edges without sugar red ginseng


There is a sugar red ginseng. After steaming the garden of the home planting garden, the acupuncture is used to participate in the body. The taste is slightly sweet and sweet, without bitterness, and the color is red. There are sugar -red ginseng slices, which are more dense and oily, and the cut surface is smooth.

There is a sugar red ginseng

Gaoli ginseng has been steamed and grilled repeatedly for the special craftsmanship of the home garden. The taste is slightly bitter and sweet, the color is yellow, and the skin is more yellow (also known as the yellow horse gown).