When it comes to the concubine in the costume film and television drama, the first thing we think of is Sun Yan and Jiang Xin. The first thing to mention Gege thinks is Zhao Wei and Zhao Liying. In addition, which one of them is your favorite style?


Xiaobian takes you to see the concubine shape of the old drama bone.

This is the shape of Sun Yan in the drama “Zhen Huan Biography”, and it is also because the image of this drama “Niangniang” is even more popular. It’s just … this face is also strong enough! I don’t know if the concubines of that era were so charming and outstanding? (Suspicious face)


This photo is the shape of Sun Yan in the “Yueyue Biography” drama. This shape is slightly pure, but it does not affect the beauty of the “Niangniang” dominating the entire screen!

Seeing this here, everyone can guess who will talk about which mother’s style will be said next! Yes! What I want to talk about is another mighty Jiang Xinniang! First please appreciate this picture.


Jiang Xin Niang’s domineering is not inferior to Sun Yan, there are wood! Looking at this look, you can also hold the entire screen. The shape in the same drama, whether it is clothing or headdress, is gorgeous!

What makes Xiaobian most curious is that the two “mother” are so beautiful, and I do n’t know if the two fans are secretly compared in private?

After talking about the shape of the “Niangniang”, let’s talk about the style of Gege in the costume drama!

First of all, this is a veritable representative of Gege. She is also the “little swallow Gege” who accompanies our entire childhood! The editor of the winter and summer vacation with her is also really happy!


One of the two photos is a folk “grid” shape, and the other is the “grid” shape in the palace, uh! Xiaobian still favors the first shape. After all, such Zhao Wei matches the actual age of the time, and it looks more pure and cute!


Of course, another one who exits the country as a “Gege” is to be a red flower Zhao Liying!

In the new version of “Returning Pearls”, Zhao Liying, who has always felt “silly white and sweet”, stood out. The “Qinger” in the play was performed by her, and she also opened a door for her acting career.

After watching so many “mother -in -law” and “Gege” costume styles, Xiaobian said that he wanted to cross it once! (Puci face)