we all know

Dogs’ hearing is much more keen than humans

But do you know?

The things they hear are not only more than us

It’s clearer



The audio range that humans can hear

Generally at 20-20,000 Hzz

The dog’s hearing range is about 15-65,000 Hz

So dogs will hear many sounds that humans can’t hear

But it is because of their good hearing

So there are a lot of voices that they sound very harsh

For example, the 8th sounds below

The dogs were scratched into the blacklist!

1. Thunder

Many dogs are afraid of playing thunder

That’s because they don’t have much contact with this sound

Suddenly, then you will be scared

And if the host is also scared at this time

Dogs will feel

Through more scared

2. Rescue sound

Sometimes dogs hear the sound of ambulances or police cars

It will be very restless

That’s because this kind of voice is harsh and frequent

The dog will be uncomfortable when listening to it

3. The sound of horror movies

Probably when humans watch horror movies

Mood is nervous


This emotion can be perceived by the dog

So the sound of horror movies will make the dog scared

It may be more reason because the master is afraid

4. Fireworks cannon sound

Many dogs used to have the sound of vagus and bamboo because of listening


Scared and run away

Especially during the Spring Festival

When everyone celebrates the festival

Dogs are actually very disliked

5. Ringtones

Mobile phone ringtones and door bells will cause dogs to be disgusted


Just like a stranger at home

They usually think that this is the signal of the enemy

6. The sound of a vacuum cleaner

This is not difficult to understand

The vacuum cleaner usually has a lot of noise

The dog’s ears are suddenly impacted by the sound of high decibels

It will be scared

But after getting used to it, they are not so scared

7. Car horn sound

It’s like people don’t like to listen to the sound of car horn


Dogs will be more sensitive and harsh when listening to

So they will be disgusted when they hear this sound

Some dogs will get up immediately to see what happened

8. Quarrel

It is said that the dog is the most annoying to hear the quarrel

Especially the quarrel between family members

Fierce tone and atmosphere

It will make them very nervous and scared


So we often see the owner quarrel

Or educate the little master

Video of dogs pulling the frame

Maybe we will find this very interesting or cute

But now they are very nervous!

How about it?

Watch so much

Is there any kind of sound of dogs afraid of

Did you not know before?

In fact, dogs are more than we think

More fragile

If you find your dog, what kind of sound is afraid of

Remember not to reprimand it

Instead, you want to come over to comfort and comfort!