The telescopic curtain rod, the material is selected from the rust-proof treatment of advanced technologies, and the first zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, iron is selected. The stent is made of high quality steel sheets with surface light. Electroplating, spray paint, super bright surface, makes the gloss of the rod, smoother, more smooth, and the outer surface, the outer surface having a furhead or not smooth enough. Traditional curtain rods are made in accordance with measurement, making a certain size, and securely secured in holes of the wall with fastening screws. Unlike traditional curtains, the retractable curtain rod is no need to make a hole and is fixed on the wall. Therefore, the retractable curtain rod can be telescopically adjusted according to the actual demand, that is, the size can be modified to accommodate the space of different area, and the decoration of different sizes.


In terms of use, the use of retractable window curtains is still very much, first of all, is of course the most important or used to support the curtains. Since it is a telescopic curtain rod, the curtain rod can be expanded, which has a growing advantage, so it is generally suitable for many lengths of curtains, and the curtain rod is smooth, with a stylish detail, with aesthetic light yarn curtain The whole is very romantic, very temperament. And it can also do semi-curtain, can also match curtains, and the decorative effect is very good. Second, the retractable curtain rod can also be used in the bathing rod. The curtain rod can be expanded, so the installation is very suitable in the bathroom. If you have a short, you will be shorter, and you will be a little longer. And the curtain rod is light and convenient, it is also very smooth, the curtain rod is exquisite, installed in the bathroom, and it feels the whole bathroom. In addition, the retractable curtain rod is installed and quick to use in any indoor area. Whether it is that place, as long as the length of the following window curtains can be installed, it is very convenient.


1. Measuring size, drilling, screw distance must be used within distances. Be

2, draw a drill according to the hole distance of the tail of the bracket. Be

3, fix the bracket with a screw on the wall. Be

4. Adjust the pipe to the distance, the pipe can be completely pulled out, hang on the curtain. Be

5, put the hanging curtain rod on the bracket and screw the screw.

Scalable curtain rod – stretching window curtain rod installation steps:


1, clear the structure. The structure of the telescopic curtain rod includes a jacket, an inner casing, a spring support, and a support support. To clarify the stretching curtain rod installation skills, first, it is necessary to clearly the structure of the telescopic curtain rod. If the structure is not understood, then it will make a lot of jokes when installing the retractable curtain rod.

2, do a good job in preparation. When installing the retractable curtain rod, check whether the scalable curtain rod is intact and determines the location where the installation is needed, so that the hand is busy in the installation, or after the installation is complete, it will find that the product has problems, it will waste a lot of manpower and financial resources. .

3, install the tips. In fact, the stretching curtain rod and the aluminum blind track mounting process is similar, and the installation of the retractable window curtain is more relaxed than the aluminum blind orbit, and only the inner sleeve is in the jacket. Even if you are just a decorative rookie, it will guarantee that you will learn.

4, free adjustment as needed. Because the retractable curtain rod has free adjustment length, it can be fond of the vocality of consumers by the installation of the stent, so you must not miss this feature. When you install it, you must freely according to your actual demand. adjust.